TeaTime: How to Become a Female Chef?

“Gender equality can only become a reality if we harness the transformative power of solidarity across professions and across borders,” posted Emma Watson as her New Year’s message.
Over half of the employees in the German hospitality industry are women, but of 300 Michelin starred restaurants, only ten have women at the helm.
Do women require, for example, more flexible working hours in order to care for their children? Or is it down to the values of our society where, although the genders are roughly equally distributed, only 30 percent of parliamentarians are women? Or can men simply assert themselves better in these traditional structures?
This disparity between men and women does not only prevail in the kitchen but also in agriculture, culture and the economy. Are there any ideas to redesign these circumstances – as well as the relationship to children, nature and the planet as a whole?
with Maya Gallus, Maria Canabal, Angela Hartnett Event


  • Maya Gallus (director)
  • Maria Canabal (Parabere Forum)
  • Angela Hartnett (star chef)


Free entrance

Feb 11 17:00

Gropius Mirror Restaurant

Guests: Maria Canabal, Maya Gallus, Angela Hartnett | only upon reservation: kulinarisches.kino@berlinale.de