Mailing Address

Berlin International Film Festival
Potsdamer Platz 11
10785 Berlin
phone +49 30 25920-0

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Contact Anti-Discrimination

If you have experienced or observed discrimination in connection with the Berlinale, you can email at any time of the year to report the incident.

In addition, an Awareness Team of trained anti-discrimination consultants will be available during and shortly after the festival to ensure compliance with the Berlinale’s code of conduct and anti-discrimination policy. When and how the Awareness Team for the next Berlinale can be contacted will be announced in the run-up to festival.

Festival Management

Festival Director
Tricia Tuttle
Assistant to the Festival Director
Olha Kozliuk

phone +49 30 25920-0

Executive Team

Film Programming

Jacqueline Lyanga & Michael Stütz

Chief of Staff

Florian Weghorn

Finance and Business Operations

Tommy Kommer

Programme Operations and Production

Miriam Reimers

Berlinale Pro* / European Film Market (EFM)

Tanja Meissner

phone +49 30 25920-666

Programme Organisation

International Relations
Karin Hoffinger
Programme Organisation
Daniela Weber
Programme Coordination
Petra Schierke

phone +49 30 25920-444

Film Office
André Stever
Voxstraße 3
10785 Berlin

phone +49 30 25920-878

Competition, Perspectives & Berlinale Special

phone +49 30 25920-444

© Les Films du Bal - Fanta Sy


Head of Panorama
Michael Stütz

Programme Manager
Bartholomew Sammut

phone +49 30 25920-400

© The Outrun


Head of Generation
Sebastian Markt

Section Manager
Melika Gothe
Programme Manager Short Films
Vincent Förster
Programme Coordination Features
Miriam Vogt

phone +49 30 25920-422

© Caviar, Pablo & Zeus

Berlinale Shorts

Head of Berlinale Shorts
Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck

Programme Coordination
Linn Löffler

phone +49 30 25920-212

© Eva Pedroza, Fanny Sorgo / Courtesy: sixpackfilm

Forum & Forum Expanded

Head of Forum
Barbara Wurm

Programme Coordination Forum
Anna Hoffmann

phone +49 30 26955-200
fax +49 30 26955-222

Heads of Forum Expanded
Ala Younis & Ulrich Ziemons

phone +49 30 26955-110

© Leonie Huber

Retrospective, Berlinale Classics & Homage

Head of Retrospective, Berlinale Classics & Homage
Dr. Rainer Rother

Programme Coordination
Annika Haupts

Potsdamer Straße 2
10785 Berlin
phone +49 30 300 903-25

Berlinale Pro* Initiatives

Berlinale Pro*
European Film Market

Tanja Meissner

phone +49 30 25920-666

Berlinale Co-Production Market

Head of Berlinale Co-Production Market, Official Projects, Co-Pro Series, Press
Martina Bleis

phone +49 30 25920-517

Berlinale Talents

Programme Manager
Florian Weghorn

Project Manager
Nikola Joetze

phone +49 30 25920-515

World Cinema Fund

Head of the WCF
Vincenzo Bugno

phone +49 30 25920-525

Further Departments

Communications & Marketing

Head of Communications & Marketing
Anne Marburger

phone +49 30 25920-595

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Head of Press and Publicity
Frauke Greiner

Anja Rüggenmann

phone +49 30 25920-737
fax +49 30 25920-799

Press Service


Head of Partnerships
Tim Gutzeit

phone +49 30 25920-351

B2B website


Head of Accreditation
Patrick Hanbaba

phone +49 30 25920-196


Ticket Office

Head of Ticket Office
Ingo Franke

phone +49 30 25920-259
fax +49 30 25920-230


Guest Accommodation

Head of Guest Accommodation
Marc Ketterer

phone +49 30 26397-225

Partner Hotels

Event Management

Head of Event Management
Theresa Mattusch

Guest Management

Head of Guest Management
Gunnar Gilgen

phone +49 30 25920-520

Guest Relations

Team Lead
Lejla Djulancic

Web Support

phone: +49 30 25920-800

Vacancies / Jobs

For current vacancies please visit
Speculative applications can be sent to the following e-mail address: