Sections & Special Presentations

Each year the Berlinale comprises about 400 films of every genre, length and format. The festival is divided into the following sections and a mutable number of special presentations.


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The festival's centrepiece screens the films that will be talked about.

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Berlinale Special & Berlinale Series

Space for the extraordinary, the glamorous and the festival's special concerns.

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A platform aiming to foster aesthetically and structurally daring works.

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Berlinale Shorts

The films of Berlinale Shorts are cinema's unsolicitied requests to take the floor and speak.

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Sexy, edgy, daring. Panorama screens extraordinary cinema and is a traditional audience favourite.

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Forum & Forum Expanded

Reflection on the medium of film, social and artistic discourse and aesthetic obstinacy.

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Films that matter. For young cineastes and everyone else.

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Perspektive Deutsches Kino

Talented directors screen their debut films and bring a fresh impetus to the cinema with their individual styles.

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Retrospective, Berlinale Classics & Homage

Discover film history and view it anew in screenings of the highest quality.

Special Presentations

Berlinale Goes Kiez

Brings festival films to art house cinemas.