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Institutional Funding

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Documentary on Ukraine

With Superpower, Sean Penn and Aaron Kaufman convey the shock caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Encounters 2023: The Programme

16 world premieres that capture the present, bear witness to the past and imagine the future.

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Back to the Future

Head of Berlinale Series Julia Fidel in conversation about the 2023 programme’s remarkably broad scope, quirks that caught the eye in this year’s selection process and the new Berlinale Series Award.

Solidarity with Ukraine and Iran

With the ongoing war of aggression against Ukraine, and the courageous protests in Iran, as well as in many other regions of the world, the Berlinale stands in 2023 even more firmly for these democratic values, and remembers victims of war, destruction and oppression all over the world. Solidarity is expressed within the 2023 Berlinale in the sections and initiatives in the film selection and with various events - in part with cooperation partners.

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News | Panorama

Tracking the Unseen – Films as Tools of Resistance

What do you do when the world is on fire? This is the question many of the filmmakers in this year’s programme are asking themselves - courageous, genuine and urgent.

© 2022 Komplizen Film GmbH / Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH / Frédéric Batier © 2022 Komplizen Film GmbH / Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH / Frédéric Batier
News | Generation

Tides of Hope

“The films in this year’s Generation programme form a kaleidoscope of young worldviews. They look at what moves the present and in doing so, open our eyes onto astounding new perspectives."

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A Salute to the Local Cinema Landscape

From February 18 to 24, over seven days the special series will be making guest appearances at seven additional festival venues – this year once again featuring international film guests, cinema theatres filled to capacity and the Red Carpet.

© Claudio Iannone © Claudio Iannone
News | Berlinale Series

Future Now

In its ninth edition, Berlinale Series presents eight world and international premieres. For the first time, series from India, China, Italy and Romania are included in the selection.

News | Forum

Thought Needs Images

On the 28 Films in the Berlinale Forum Main Programme.

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News | Forum Expanded

An Atypical Orbit

The films and installations that make up this year’s ´programme revolve around political and personal legacies which often lie in shambles.

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News | Berlinale Shorts

Fiction Against a Real-Life Backdrop

The 20 films in the 2023 Berlinale Shorts fully exploit the many possibilities of cinematic storytelling.

News | Forum Special

Headed for the Retrospectives of the Future

Two newly restored feature-length works explore different aspects of Black culture, ten short and feature-length films continue the “Fiktionsbescheinigung” series.

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News | Perspektive Deutsches Kino

Kisses, Conflicts, Collisions

Crises everywhere. In the midst of it all are young film creatives from Germany unafraid to tackle any subject.

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News | Retrospective

Film Line-up Set

“Young at Heart – Coming of Age at the Movies” will also include films that may not be typical for the genre, but which played a decisive role in the evolution or development of the artists who selected them.

News | Berlinale Classics

Eight Digitally Restored Films

Special spotlight on films from the 1980s and early 1990s.

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Environment and Climate-Friendly Journey to the Berlinale

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