Ausstellung: Notes to Self

Exhibition: Notes to Self
Notes to Self is an ongoing series of videos documenting a simple, repetitive act as a way to mimic our fleeting engagement with social media status updates. Fragments of text, in the form of notes to myself, are set on fire with varying degrees of success. Unlike social media updates, the fate of these updates is controlled and finite, existing only for a few seconds before being completely destroyed. The notes, which range from humorous reminders and revelations to recollections about larger societal events, are simple in both form and execution, allowing for a critical and considered viewing response.
by Christina Battle Canada 2016 English 1’ Colour


Director Christina Battle
Screenplay Christina Battle
Cinematography Christina Battle
Editing Christina Battle
Sound Design Christina Battle
Sound Christina Battle
Production Design Christina Battle
Producer Christina Battle
In Cooperation with , Embassy of Canada Embassy of Canada

Produced by

Christina Battle

Christina Battle

Christina Battle, born in Edmonton, Canada in 1975, is a media artist, curator, arts administrator, and educator. She is currently working toward a PhD in Art & Visual Culture at the University of Western Ontario. She has exhibited internationally in festivals and galleries.

Filmography (selection)

2004 fall storm (california, 2003); 3 min. · paradise falls, new mexico; 5 min. · buffalo lifts; 3 min. 2005 the distance between here and there; 7 min. 2006 hysteria; 4 min. · three hours, fifteen minutes before the hurricane struck; 5 min. · traveling thru with eyes closed tight (map #2 – january 03 thru january 06); 4 min. · Behind the Walls and Under the Stairs; 3 min. 2009 Behind the Shadows; 16 min. · wandering through secret storms; 6 min. 2010 Tracking Sasquatch (field report #1); 5 min. 2011 To reveal the fourteen windows; with Julie Carr, 8 min. · when the smog-filled wind began to howl; 5 min. 2012 on the day it started there wasn’t a cloud in sight; 6 min. 2013 Explorations of an Unexpected Time Traveler; 5 min. 2014 the space between here and there (the yukon river); video installation · The people in this picture are standing on all that remained of a handsome residence; video installation · Montgomery, Colorado; video installation · Tracking Sasquatch (field report #3); 1 min. 2015 Games To Help You Get Ready To Live In The Police State [a series of instructions]; video installation · It’s Been This Way From The Start; with Adán De La Garza, 4 min. · ∆ (when the cities burn); 6 min. · End Transmission; video installation 2016 off this spinning rock; 3 min. · Tracking Sasquatch (field report #4); 8 min. 2017 the future is a distorted landscape; video installation 2018 BAD STARS; video installation · Water once ruled; 6 min. · Notes to self

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