Aktfotografie, z.B. Gundula Schulze

Nude Portraits – Gundula Schulze
Photographer Gundula Schulze wrote her graduate thesis on “nude photography of women in East Germany”. It's a subject she continues to pursue in her photography. She considers the stereotype of superficial nude photography anachronistic, and talks vividly about being at pains to develop a relationship of trust with the women she photographs. Schulze wants to show what makes up the “whole woman”, living up to her position in East Germany. Scenes of women in the professional world have been edited into the film.
by Helke Misselwitz German Democratic Republic 1983 German 11’ Colour Documentary form Rating R12


Director Helke Misselwitz

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DCP: DEFA-Filmverleih in der Deutschen Kinemathek, Berlin