Aruna & Lidahnya

Aruna & Her Palate
Aruna is an epidemiologist assigned to investigate bird flu outbreaks in various cities in Indonesia. She is joined by her best friends Bono and Nad and the trio uses the business trip as an opportunity to go on a culinary adventure. However, Aruna’s trip becomes personal when she unexpectedly bumps into her secret crush, Farish. As the four friends relish the art of Indonesian cuisine, secrets about the flu virus start to be unveiled. Based on a novel by the award-winning author Laksmi Pamuntjak.
by Edwin
with Dian Sastrowardoyo, Oka Antara, Hannah Al Rashid, Nicholas Saputra
Indonesia 2018 Indonesian 106’ Colour


  • Dian Sastrowardoyo (Aruna)
  • Oka Antara (Farish)
  • Hannah Al Rashid (Nadezhda)
  • Nicholas Saputra (Bono)


Director Edwin
Screenplay Titien Wattimena
Cinematography Amalia TS
Editing W. Ichwandiar Dono
Music Ken Jenie
Sound Design Wahyu Tri Purnomo
Sound Handy Ilfat
Production Design Iqbal Marjono
Costumes Ajeng Swastiari
Make-Up Darto
Casting Melisa Hana Kristianty
Producers Meiske Taurisia, Muhammad Zaidy
Executive Producer Christopher Smith

Produced by

Palari Films


Born in 1980 in Surabaya, Indonesia. His 2005 short film Kara, anak sebatang pohon (Kara, the Daughter of a Tree) was the first Indonesian work to screen in the Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes. In 2009, his short Trip to the Wound screened in Berlinale Shorts. In the same year, his debut feature film, Babi buta yang ingin terbang (Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly), won the FIPRESCI Award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. His second feature, Kebun Binatang (Postcards from the Zoo), premiered in the 2012 Berlinale Competition. Posesif won him Best Director at the 2017 Festival Film Indonesia.


2005 Kara, anak sebatang pohon (Kara, the Daughter of a Tree); short film 2008 Babi buta yang ingin terbang (Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly) 2012 Kebun binatang (Postcards from the Zoo) 2017 Posesif 2018 Aruna & Lidahnya (Aruna & Her Palate)

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