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Reflections: Five Queer Short Films of the 74th Berlinale

Jing guo | Uli | I Don’t Want to Be Just a Memory | Un movimiento extraño | Un invincible été

He pays him a visit during his work trip to Europe. They have not seen each other since 2015, back in Beijing. This might be the last time they meet.

Rafaela accompanies her older sister on a visit to a boy. As the two older ones retreat, Rafa begins to explore the house. She meets queer girl Uli and her pet, and has the opportunity to find freedom in an unfamiliar place.

Berlin queer community members mourn the substance abuse-related loss of their friends by sharing memories and rituals. Resembling glow-in-the-dark fungi, they radiate light together as a network of support and care.

Buenos Aires, 2019. Lucrecia, who works as a museum security guard, foresees a sharp rise in the dollar’s value with her pendulum and falls in love with the employee of a currency exchange office.

Sixteen-year-old Clément spends a hot summer evening home alone by the pool. Determined to lose his virginity, he swipes through guys’ profiles on Grindr...

Thu Feb 22 19:30

Cubix 7

Subtitles: English

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Sun Feb 25 19:00


Subtitles: English

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