Antes de Madrid

Before Madrid
A secluded spot, condoms – and a couple of pointers from a friend, just in case: surely that is all they need to finally take things to the next level? The only problem is time. Early tomorrow morning Micaela is moving to Madrid, while Santiago is staying behind in Uruguay. Sometimes it’s best not to have too many fixed ideas about how things should go and to realise some experiences can still be shared, even with an ocean between the two of you.
by Ilén Juambeltz, Nicolás Botana
with Alejo Martínez, Agustina Castaño, Matías Leal, Laura Almirón, Marianela Elicheix, Dardo Sellanes, Maria del Rosario Olivera, Constanza Ripoll, Marbrina Silva, Ligüel Musetti, Santiago Musetti, Mateo Perera, Camilo Barceló
Uruguay 2022 Spanish 20’ Colour International premiere recommendation: 14 years and up


  • Alejo Martínez (Santiago)
  • Agustina Castaño (Micaela)
  • Matías Leal (Agustín)
  • Laura Almirón (Micaela’s Mother)
  • Marianela Elicheix (Marta, Store Owner)
  • Dardo Sellanes (Agustín’s Father)
  • Maria del Rosario Olivera (Isabel, Store Client)
  • Constanza Ripoll (Young Couple, She)
  • Marbrina Silva (Santiago’s New Girlfriend)
  • Ligüel Musetti (Micaela’s New Boyfriend)
  • Santiago Musetti (Young Couple, He)
  • Mateo Perera (Kid Playing)
  • Camilo Barceló (Kid Playing)


Directors Ilén Juambeltz, Nicolás Botana
Screenplay Ilén Juambeltz, Nicolás Botana
Cinematography Elisa Barbosa
Camera Assistant Camila Pérez
Editing Alexia Obeide, Carmela Marichal
Music Florencia Gamba
Sound Andrés Costa, Claudia Píriz
Production Design Facundo Umpiérrez
Art Director Agustina Pérez
Costumes Agustina Pérez
Make-Up Agustina Pérez
Casting Emiliano Umpiérrez
Assistant Director Santiago Musetti
Producer Facundo Umpiérrez
Executive Producers Victoria Reinaldo, Facundo Umpiérrez, Ilén Juambeltz, Nicolás Botana
In Cooperation with Muchas Mesas
Intermedios producciones

Ilén Juambeltz

Born in Uruguay in 1994, the screenwriter and filmmaker graduated with a film degree from the Escuela de Cine del Uruguay. She has directed several award-winning short films as well as, in 2021, one story in an episode of the international Netflix documentary series Stories of a Generation with Pope Francis.


2016 Hace frio en Barcelona (It Is Cold in Barcelona); short film 2017 Sintiendo lo que yo; videoclip 2018 Lirios (Lillies); short film 2019 Males; short film · De duelo (Mourning); short film 2020 Verde agua; videoclip · Dignidad asintomática (Asymptomatic Dignity); short film · Cartas de una pandemia (Letters From a Pandemic); mini series 2021 Historias de una generación con el Papa Francisco (Stories of a Generation With Pope Francis); story of Carlos and Cristina, episode Love 2022 Antes de Madrid (Before Madrid); short film, co-director: Nicolás Botana

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2023

Nicolás Botana

The screenwriter, director and editor embarked on his directing career in 2008 and later also began working as an editor for various production companies. His short film Demasiada agua premiered at AFI Fest in Los Angeles and went on to screen at numerous festivals. Blanes St. and Müller was acquired by HBO Max in 2022.


2012 Demasiada agua (Too Much Water); short film 2013 El hombre que hizo un casting (The Man Who Made a Casting); short film 2020 Blanes Esquina Müller (Blanes St. and Müller); short film · Vivo o muerto (Alive or Dead); feature film teaser 2021 The Game; music video 2022 Antes de Madrid (Before Madrid); short film, co-director: Ilén Juambeltz

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2023