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Between the Lines: Love Letters to Film

"The space between someone writing a letter and someone reading it eventually gives birth to a sort of intermediate character", describes Portuguese director Ivo M. Ferreira the deeper narrative structure of his movie Cartas da Guerra. Certainly a must-see discovery in this year’s Berlinale Competition, the shimmering black-and-white film is based on the many love letters sent by young military doctor António to his pregnant wife during the Portuguese Colonial War in 1971. The film team (of which main actor Miguel Nunes and editor Sandro Aguilar are Talents alumni) reflects on the genesis of the story from the original letters to book and film. Exploring the eloquent interplay of acting, directing, set design, cinematography and editing, they trace the creation of their very own language for most intimate feelings of pain, despair and tender longing, through which the film emerges as a cinematic love letter itself.

(The originally announced session with Jonathan Glazer had to be cancelled.)

Germany 2016, 90 min