Two young men, Christian (24) and Alex (17), who have nothing to do with each other, get on with their own lives. By the end, one of the two will have committed murder. When someone comes across such an act, perhaps even on the peripheries of their own life, it is impossible not to search for the reasons for the crime and to try and make sense of the drama, however gruesome. But what happens when what is commonly known as life contains a story and yet does not add up to a coherent narrative?
Agony masterfully works against the usual dramatic structure which is only able to contain the complexity of events and experiences by countering them with a clear and reductive causality. A film character’s right to exist usually depends upon whether or not they are important for the stories of the other characters. The stories of Christian and Alex never intermingle. Both protagonists live different realities within the same reality. Agony accompanies them.
by David Clay Diaz
with Samuel Schneider, Alexander Srtschin, Alexandra Schmidt, Simon Hatzl
Germany / Austria 2016 93’

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