Ani ve snu!

In Your Dreams!
“But your weird dreams are scary too. Get real, dammit!”

Only a few girls practice the art of parkour – running and somersaulting over rooftops, free-climbing up rusted scaffolding and leaping from one wall to the next. Laura takes it all in her stride. Though as she wildly races through the streets of Prague, her thoughts are running wild too. She has a crush on Luky, but he doesn't show much interest in her. Laura’s parents live apart, and her mother is desperately looking for someone new. Jealousy, misunderstandings with her best friend – Laura’s life is full of confusion. Sometimes, when she can’t take it anymore, fantasy worlds evolve. When hope and fear push through the cracks of reality, it gets harder to keep her life in balance.
by Petr Oukropec
with Barbora Štikarová, Toman Rychtera, Veronika Pouchová, Jáchym Novotný
Czechia / Slovakia / Bulgaria 2016 79’

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