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Berlinale Talk: Berlinale geht in Serie

Conversation about the rising significance of series

Gesprächsrunde zur wachsenden Bedeutung von Serienformaten

In recent years, serial directors like Dominik Graf with In Face of the Crime (2010), Jane Campion with Top of the Lake (2013) and Carl Franklin with the start of the second season of House of Cards (2014) paved the way for serial narratives at the Berlinale. To be continued... This year the Berlinale is screening eight series, including 1992 from Italy, False Flag from Israel and Bloodline from the USA. The European Film Market, the industry platform of the Berlin International Film Festival, is also extending its portfolio to include the trade in high-quality series. The series seems to be receiving a lot of recognition and a positive change of image throughout the industry. Nowadays, even successful cinema directors and seasoned feature film actors are not shying away from the multi-part format. Matthijs Wouter Knol, European Film Market Director, and director and screenwriter Edward Berger (mini-series Deutschland 83, episodes 1-5) talk about the social climbing of the series. Hosted by Ute Soldierer.

2015, 60 min