A prison-scene: Men in small cubicles - exhausted, withdrawn into themselves, beaten down. They hold their heads down at first, but then they are handed a message on a thread. Communication starts, knocking on the walls, then chanting begins – and with it their liberation.

“One true moment of awareness carries the potential to counteract a lifetime of complacency. To conceive a different way to known, run-down models; an automated existence; systems that fail because they are based on a game that is fixed from the get go.
For most of us who remain asleep, the cruelties of such systems are either missed completely or are strengthened by our silence. And only when all man-manufactured instruments and devices are removed from the symphony of existence do the masses have a chance at reaching harmony through a true and resonating Acapella.”
(Islam Safiyyudin Mohamed)
by Islam Safiyyudin Mohamed Egypt / Germany 2014 13’