London in 1880, in the middle of the Victorian era. Shop assistant Constance, who lost her parents at an early age, falls in love with doctor and vivisectionist Dr Joseph Barton. When their daughter Angelica is born the pair is overjoyed, but the birth almost costs the young mother her life. From now on she must practice sexual abstinence – she is to think of herself as a beautiful garden enclosed by a tall iron fence. Before long her bid to suppress her desires and erotic feelings gives birth to demons. A ghostly being emerges from Constance’s hysterical fantasy; the spirit penetrates closed doors, terrorising the sleeping child and her fragile mother. When an assistant with parapsychological skills is called to their home, their middle-class world finally falls apart …
A wickedly ironic portrait of a society in a blend of psychodrama and horror; a film in which dark interiors reflect the mental states of the protagonists, and supernatural secrets are celebrated from different points of view. Director Lichtenstein’s ambiguous game of insecurities is based on a novel by Arthur Phillips.
by Mitchell Lichtenstein
with Jena Malone, Janet McTeer, Ed Stoppard, Tovah Feldshuh, Eliza Holland Madore
USA 2015 95’

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Pierpoline Films

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