Little Agnes’ brother is ten years older than she. She cannot understand why he is always so tired; he even lies in bed during the day and just wants to be left alone. When he announces that he has a girlfriend, Agnes does not really understand what this means to her. Not yet. She really loves her brother. He is more important to her than her boring mother who spends her time reading. When her brother brings home his girlfriend for the first time, Agnes is sceptical. But when he and his girlfriend lock themselves in his room, Agnes makes it very clear to him that this is simply not on.
Told entirely from the point of view of the little girl, the film describes an incisive experience in the six-year-old’s life, her fear of losing her brother and her need for attention. Fortunately, Agnes really does have the most wonderful brother in the world.
by Anja Lind
with Sigrid Johnson, Joel Schmidt, Jenny Jernberg, Annie Fasth
Sweden 2014 15’

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