As Hiper Mulheres (Itão Kuẽgü)

The Hyperwomen
The Jamurikumálu is an empowering female-only ritual of the Kuikuro tribe in the upper Xingu region of Mato Grosso. It involves a series of songs and choreographies dealing with love and sexual issues from a female perspective in a humorous manner, including the open choice of a sex partner for the night. Village elder Kanu is the only woman who recalls all of the sacred songs that need to be performed, but she has fallen ill. Fearing the worst, Kanu’s pragmatic husband arranges for this ceremony to be performed again soon so the songs can be passed on. This cheerful portrayal of gender relations among the Kuikuro mixes documentary and fictional elements and draws strength from the power of music, community and tribal knowledge.
by Carlos Fausto, Leonardo Sette, Takumã Kuikuro
with Kanu Kuikuro, Kamankgagü Kuikuro, Ájahi Kuikuro, Amanhatsi Kuikuro, Aulá Kuikuro, Kehesu Kuikuro, Tapualu Kalapalo, Tugupé Kuikuro, Kamihu Kuikuro, Kamaluhé Matipu
Brazil 2011 80’

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