Bad at Dancing

Interior, Night. Matt and Isabel have sex. Their bedroom is sparse. It is silent except for their breathing. Joanna, the flatmate, enters the room and lies down right next to them on their bed. Only briefly noting this interruption, Isabel continues moving on top of Matt, undeterred.
Matt (after a while, without glancing sideways): "What is she doing here?
Joanna: "I couldn’t sleep."
Isabel (still having sex) "Were we being too loud?"
Joanna (still lying next to them): "No…”
Bad at Dancing is a chamber piece and a comedy, a sex game. Isabel and Matt are together, Joanna seems to be pursuing Matt and maybe Isabel too. Joanna tries out various approaches to achieve her aim. The three move together, vying for control – dressed and naked. Always introversive. Always direct. Envy and emotion are given a surreal context. The question of borders and their necessity is raised anew. A rickshaw always drives on three wheels.
by Joanna Arnow
with Eleanore Pienta, Keith Poulson, Joanna Arnow
USA 2015 11’

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