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Berlinale Open House

Berlinale Generation - Filme (nicht nur) für junge Menschen

A conversation about the challenge of selecting children films

Ein Gespräch über die Gratwanderung bei der Auswahl von Kinderfilmen

With its Generation section, the Berlinale has been engaging children and adolescents in the cinematic discourse since 1978 as well as providing a meeting place for people of all generations. At the same time, the selection of films represents a balancing act between being challenging and overwhelming. The young audiences are faced with strong and authentic protagonists, diverse living environments and genuine lives - these stories do not always have a happy ending. Host Ute Soldierer discusses self-identification, friction and changes in perspective caused by ambitious films for children and adolescents with head of the Generation section Maryanne Redpath, actor Peter Lohmeyer, film curator Natascha Noack and Gudrun Sommer, head of the dox! children and youth section of the 'Duisburger Filmwoche' documentary festival.

Maryanne Redpath, head of the Generation section
Peter Lohmeyer, actor
Natascha Noack, film curator
Gudrun Sommer, head of dox! documentary festival, Duisburg
Host: Ute Soldierer

2015, 60 min