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LOLA at Berlinale

Die Erfindung der Liebe

The Invention of Love

The film team are ready. Everyone is on set except for the leading lady. Because NINA hasn’t turned up, the PRODUCER decides to let the trainee take over her role. Soon they hear she has been killed in an accident. The shoot is shut down and at the funeral the producer tells the team that the script will be rewritten. The AUTHOR has to come up with an idea. TINA the trainee continues to play in the unusual love story of Emily, an unsuccessful actress who sets up her boyfriend Daniel with a terminally ill millionaire in order to get their hands on her fortune. Gradually the borders between the film world and the real world become blurred. The only one who has ever really understood what the film is about, is Tina. She reinvents Daniel and Emily’s story – it’s true love. In the end, the audience cannot be sure if it wasn’t all just a fiction dreamt up by the author.

Germany / Luxembourg 2014, 104 min


Lola Randl


Maria Kwiatkowski
Sunnyi Melles
Marie Rosa Titjen
Bastian Trost

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Eastwest Film Distribution