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Berlinale Generation: Die Filmkinder der DEFA

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Many fairy tale and children's films produced by DEFA studios are still well-known and popular even today. Alongside these, the studios also regularly produced films dealing with everyday stories from or about children, which were watched by more than just a younger target audience. Heiner Carow's 1975 film IKARUS, the story of a nine-year old boy, Matthias, captivates to this day as a tender but simultaneously clear-eyed portrait of its young protagonist in the East-Berlin of the 1970s. The screening of the restored version at the Berlinale provides the opportunity for a discussion aimed at an in-depth exploration of the film's background and reception both when it was made and today. One focal point of the talk will be the role of the so-called "film children" and an investigation into the importance which was attached to these "real" young performers in DEFA productions. This should also prompt cross-references with contemporary films for and with children which can be discussed by contemporary witnesses, filmmakers and other interested people in the audience.

Panellists are:
• Ralf Schenk, Chairman DEFA Foundation
• Bernd Sahling, Film Director ("The Blind Flyers", "UpsideDown")
• Maryanne Redpath, Section Head Berlinale Generation

Presenter: Knut Elstermann, radio journalist and author of "Früher war ich Filmkind: Die DEFA und ihre jüngsten Darsteller" / An event by the Berlin International Film Festival (Generation section) in co-operation with the DEFA Foundation. The event will take place in German.

2014, 60 min