Arrête ou je continue

If You Don't, I Will
Their grown-up son has left home, the draw in her office desk is full of ants, and her husband runs off after the bus leaving her standing on the street. Pomme’s life has become a series of disappointments. Over the years, Pomme and Pierre have drifted apart and their relationship, though not yet dead, is no longer really alive. Even their attempt to drink champagne together fails when the bottle explodes in the freezer. They are out hiking together one day when Pomme suddenly decides to stay behind in the forest, alone …
Director Sophie Fillières, who has attended the Berlinale twice previously with her 1994 debut Grande Petite, and Un chat, un chat in 2009, takes a look in her new film at a couple whose passion has fallen into a rut and who are now caught between routine and egoism. She delineates with bitter gallows humour their efforts to prevent their marriage from sliding down the slippery slope. Elegantly capturing the surreal aspects of daily life, the director paints a picture of two gridlocked ex-lovers who can no longer face each other – neither in the dark woods nor in their bright kitchen.
by Sophie Fillières
with Emmanuelle Devos, Mathieu Amalric
France 2014 102’

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