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Berlinale Panorama: A Tribute to Derek Jarman

with Andreas Struck, Wieland Speck and Nick James

mit Andreas Struck, Wieland Speck und Nick James

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To mark the 20th anniversary of Derek Jarman's death, the Berlinale is commemorating this renowned director. Host Andreas Struck, Panorama section head Wieland Speck and Nick James from the British Film Institute (BFI) remember this unforgettable filmmaker: Derek Jarman, filmmaker of the most independent variety, entranced programmers from the start with his works which rose out of the queer pre-Punk era of the 1970s. Through the ZDF-commissioned Kleines Fernsehspiel, innovative German TV helped Jarman to achieve continuity when he was underappreciated in England. His films came to Berlin via the film festival and captured the hearts of an audience here. And the big, loose collective of filmmakers who clustered around Jarman also arrived with their works. An entire independent film universe developed with small budgets but big desires for stylistic experimentation. It wasn't long before Jarman's films screened in the Competition and Tilda Swinton became a star... Jarman's films should be obligatory viewing for today's filmmakers: it's never down to the money but always the inspiration and talent – both of which Jarman had in abundance.

This is an event by the Berlinale in collaboration with the British Film Institute (BFI). The event will take place in English.

2014, 60 min