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In Conversation with Ken Loach

Ken Loach about his films and working methods

Gespräch mit Ken Loach über seine Filme und Arbeitsmethoden (in englischer Sprache)

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In his half-century of making movies, Ken Loach has demonstrated extraordinary continuity while, at the same time, always exploring innovative new cinematic methods. Even as a young director at the BBC, Loach attracted attention with his 1966 film CATHY COME HOME. And it is still considered one of the most influential films ever produced for television. Since then, Loach has displayed enormous passion for exploring the everyday life of people with vivid narratives, as well as the courage to stir up controversy with his realistic depictions of the margins of society. He does this with bold films on the cusp between documentary and fiction, and his occasional use of non-professional actors is characteristic of his approach. This year, the Berlin Film Festival honors Ken Loach for his exceptional body of work with an honorary Golden Bear. Here Ben Gibson, director of the London Film School, speaks with Loach about his films and his working methods.
In English

2014, 60 min