Nuits blanches

Sleepless Nights | Schlaflose Nächte
April 2022 in France. The presidential election is entering its final round and the atmosphere is tense. Solène, a waitress, drifts through the night. She takes drugs, hurts people’s feelings and increasingly loses her grip.
by Donatienne Berthereau
with Solène Salvat, Léa Schweitzer, Nans Laborde-Jourdàa, Badis Behi
France 2023 French 25’ Colour International premiere


  • Solène Salvat (Solène)
  • Léa Schweitzer (Marie)
  • Nans Laborde-Jourdàa (Nans)
  • Badis Behi (Badis)


Director Donatienne Berthereau
Screenplay Donatienne Berthereau, Jonathan Palumbo
Cinematography Pauline Doméjean
Editing Ugo Simon, Laura Rius Aran
Sound Paul Guilloteau
Sound Editing Adrien Cannepin
Sound Mixing Noëmy Oraison
Colour Correction Lou Lavalette
Production Design Léa Lemarchand
Assistant Director Romain Rivière
Production Manager Louis Beauvié
Producer Dorothée Levesque

World sales

Ecce Films

Produced by

Les Films du Sursaut

Donatienne Berthereau

Born in Montreuil, France in 1993, she studied film at the Sorbonne Nouvelle university and then directing at La Fémis in Paris. Nuits blanches is her first film since she graduated in 2021. She is currently developing her debut feature film, a free adaptation of “L’Etranger” by Albert Camus. Since January 2023, she has also been filming a documentary about a newly elected member of the French parliament.

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2021 Le Temps d’aimer 2023 Nuits blanches (Sleepless Nights)

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