Qin mi

Daughter and Son
Sachiko and Ming are living together, perhaps they are a couple. They discuss everyday things, slip into different roles and thereby tell each other about their relationship.
by Cheng Yu
with Wuchen Xingzi, Li Minghao
People’s Republic of China 2022 Mandarin 30’ Colour International premiere


  • Wuchen Xingzi (Sachiko)
  • Li Minghao (Ming)


Director Cheng Yu
Screenplay Cheng Yu
Cinematography Wang Chenxu
Editing Cheng Yu
Music Yu Qian
Sound Design Lin Jingxi
Sound Lu Xiaoxiao
Production Design Fu Wulei
Costumes Wang Jiaxin
Make-Up Wang Jiaxin
Casting Cheng Yu
Assistant Director Fan Wenyi
Production Manager Zhang Weijie
Producers Cheng Yu, Tan Yaqi, Huang Qian
Executive Producer He Yuan

Produced by

Perfect Blues

Cheng Yu

Born in Jinan, China in 1996, he began creating films while at college, then took a degree in directing at the Beijing Film Academy. He is now an independent filmmaker.

Filmography (short films)

2020 Du guo ping jing de he (Pomegranate) 2022 Qin mi (Daughter and Son)

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