Jill, Uncredited

At first you do not even notice her, she is one of many. But, little by little, you begin to become aware of her and her special presence. As a background artist, Jill Goldston has worked on countless films. This collage of fifty years of cinema and television history is a tribute to her and to all the figures in the background without whom those in the foreground would be unable to take centre stage.
by Anthony Ing
with Jill Goldston
United Kingdom / Canada 2022 English 18’ Colour & Black/White International premiere | Documentary Form


  • Jill Goldston


Director Anthony Ing
Editing Anthony Ing
Music Anthony Ing
Sound Design Tom Jenkins
Producers Catherine Bray, Anthony Ing, Charlie Shackleton
In Cooperation with Canada Council for the Arts

Anthony Ing

The British-Canadian filmmaker and composer was born in London, UK in 1991. Co-founder of the Loop production company, Ing has produced a range of artist-led film and television projects since 2014 which have received prizes including at the Grierson Awards, the BFI London Film Festival and the British Independent Film Awards.

Filmography (short films)

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