He has left his Syrian homeland, but he cannot escape from a recurring nightmare where state security forces are pursuing him while the home that can save him seems beyond his grasp. How deep into the past do the roots of a trauma reach?
by Yazan Rabee Netherlands 2022 Arabic 7’ Colour Documentary Form


Director Yazan Rabee
Screenplay Yazan Rabee
Cinematography Maarten Kramer
Editing Francesco Indaco
Sound Zita Leermans
Assistant Director Machiel van Hoek
Producer Eefje Blankevoort
Executive Producer Laura Verduijn
Co-Producers Philippe Avendaño Vera, Sacha Gertsik
Co-Production Artillerie Amsterdam
De Ontmoeting Amsterdam

Yazan Rabee

The director was born in Syria and fled to the Netherlands in 2016 with the single goal of becoming a filmmaker. In 2022, he graduated from film school and released two short films: the fiction Beyond the Sun and the documentary Back.

Filmography (short films)

2022 Beyond the Sun · Back

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