He has left his Syrian homeland, but he cannot escape from a recurring nightmare where state security forces are pursuing him while the home that can save him seems beyond his grasp. How deep into the past do the roots of a trauma reach?
by Yazan Rabee Netherlands 2022 Arabic 7’ Colour International premiere | Documentary Form


Director Yazan Rabee
Screenplay Yazan Rabee
Cinematography Maarten Kramer
Editing Francesco Indaco
Sound Zita Leermans
Assistant Director Machiel van Hoek
Producer Eefje Blankevoort
Executive Producer Laura Verduijn
Co-Producers Philippe Avendaño Vera, Sacha Gertsik
Co-Production Artillerie Amsterdam
De Ontmoeting Amsterdam

Yazan Rabee

The director was born in Syria and fled to the Netherlands in 2016 with the single goal of becoming a filmmaker. In 2022, he graduated from film school and released two short films: the fiction Beyond the Sun and the documentary Back.

Filmography (short films)

2022 Beyond the Sun · Back

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