La herida luminosa

Daydreaming So Vividly About Our Spanish Holidays
Driven by their desire for light and warmth, British teenagers take a trip to the Balearic Islands. They must absorb the sun and store it in their bodies to take it back to their cloud-covered kingdom. A surreal film about the real phenomenon of “balconing” which, in recent summers, has led to tragic, self-inflicted accidents particularly among young people travelling to Spain.
by Christian Avilés
with Sam Zeitlin, Julia Fossi, Dina Serra, Clara Sans, Lily Roberts, Quique Muro, Gloria Sirvent, Julia Mascort, Marcel Borràs, Olalla Escribano
Spain 2022 English, Spanish 24’ Colour International premiere


  • Sam Zeitlin
  • Julia Fossi
  • Dina Serra
  • Clara Sans
  • Lily Roberts
  • Quique Muro
  • Gloria Sirvent
  • Julia Mascort
  • Marcel Borràs
  • Olalla Escribano


Director Christian Avilés
Screenplay Christian Avilés
Cinematography Manuel G. Romero
Editing Christian Avilés
Music Christian Avilés
Sound Design Jimmy Solórzano
Costumes Marta Rosmeri
Make-Up Meri Llenas
Casting Pep Omedes
Art Director Michi Vázquez
Visual Effects Manuel G. Romero
Assistant Director Ester G. Mera
Production Manager Lita Roig
Producer Nica Fazio

Produced by

ESCAC films

Christian Avilés

Born in Barcelona, Spain in 1997, he is a director, writer and composer. He studied cinema and audiovisual media at the Film and Audiovisual School of Catalonia (ESCAC) with a specialism in directing. La herida luminosa is his graduation film.


2022 La herida luminosa (Daydreaming So Vividly about Our Spanish Holidays); short film

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