Generation Awards and Juries

In this section the members of the Children's and Youth Jurys are no older than those of the audience. They award the best films with Crystal Bears. Special Mentions are given for outstanding achievements. Two International Juries present further prizes in the Generation Kplus and Generation 14plus competition.

Children's Jury Generation Kplus

The members of the Children's Jury Generation Kplus - Luan Faik Can, Timon Mahlke, Valerie Louise da Silva Matos, Nina Marie Stellmacher, Defne Frida Sungu, Enno Winch und Jerrit Wunder - award the following prizes:

Crystal Bear for the Best Film

Sweet As
by Jub Clerc

Jury Statement:
A film that touched us by virtue of the personal stories of the characters and its impressive backdrops. You’ve seen various characters grow together.

Special Mention

Zeevonk (Sea Sparkle)
by Domien Huyghe

Jury Statement:
A determined and enraged young girl who never gave up hope caused us tension as well as sadness. The rough sea and the proper music created a great atmosphere.

Crystal Bear for the Best Short Film

Closing Dynasty
by Lloyd Lee Choi

Jury Statement:
An impressive film, both in terms of the settings and the emotions, with a great actress. We were compelled to think about poverty and wealth.

Special Mention

Deniska umřela (Dede Is Dead)
by Philippe Kastner

Jury Statement:
A real story which triggered an abundance of emotions: A great animation, with a special drawing style and beautifully used colours, inspired us!

Generation Kplus International Jury

The members of the Generation Kplus International Jury, Marco Alessi, Venice Atienza and Gudrun Sommer award the following prizes:

The Grand Prix of the Generation Kplus International Jury for the Best Film

Mimi (She – Hero)
by Mira Fornay

Jury Statement:
From its very first shot, this film had the jury under its spell. All manner of issues, characters and complexities meet in the enchanted microcosm of the forest, which sets the stage for its wilful, young protagonist. This film celebrates ingenuity, creativity and openness. Through its tone, pace and humorous spirit, it beautifully walks the tightrope between reality and fantasy. This is the story of a young girl looking for a bird.

Special Mention

L’Amour du monde (Longing for the World)
by Jenna Hasse

Jury Statement:
The jury was struck by this film’s quiet and rich portrayal of its protagonist’s evolving desires. It depicts a constellation of lost characters stuck in states of transition, and offers a surprising, poetic, multigenerational take on the coming-of-age narrative.

The Special Prize of the Generation Kplus International Jury for the Best Short Film

Waking Up in Silence
by Mila Zhluktenko, Daniel Asadi Faezi

Jury Statement:
We would like to give the prize to a film that offers a tender glimpse into the daily rhythms of a dislocated childhood. This film’s effortless intimacy bears witness to enduring joy, strength and innocence against a backdrop of profound loss. We were moved by the film’s confident approach. It powerfully evokes a sense of place and history as it offers an important snapshot of the urgent present.

Special Mention

Xiaohui he ta de niu (Xiaohui and His Cows)
by Xinying Lao

Jury Statement:
Breath-taking cinematography, deeply charming characters and deft storytelling all come together in this poignant short. This is a story of love and chosen family. It’s also a story about survival, and honours the emotional hardships of its characters, both boy and cow.

Youth's Jury Generation 14plus

The members of the Youth's Jury Generation 14plus, Leia Haarhuis, Leo Hanstein, Anna Lena Hiemer, Anouk Segebart and Jonas Volkers award the following prizes:

Crystal Bear for the Best Film

by Sofía Auza

Jury Statement:
Bus stop exterior night.
Detail shot of a packet of cigarettes. The bus has already left, but we are still taken on a trip.
Through an unexpected, yet intense encounter between strangers and their witty humor, we accompany two fundamentally different people through an enchanting night full of colors, thoughts and poetic-philosophical dialogues. The film won us over thanks to its attention to detail, with which it draws inspiring characters who try to come to terms with their past and at the same time look towards the future.
Just one night instead of a thousand - and maybe the cigarettes are enough in the end?

Special Mention

And the King Said, What a Fantastic Machine
by Axel Danielson, Maximilien Van Aertryck

Jury Statement:
This film has set itself apart with its unique style and humorous as well as creative storytelling of a technology you are all familiar with. It illuminates not only the development of the medium, but also the advantages and disadvantages it brings. We particularly liked the use of colourful excerpts from a wide variety of sources which, when put together, still form a unit.

Crystal Bear for the Best Short Film

Man khod, man ham miraghsam (And Me, I’m Dancing Too)
by Mohammad Valizadegan

Jury Statement:
Woman: A person who identifies as female.
Life: The period of time between birth and death. The experience of being alive.
Freedom: The absence of coercion and restrictions. The ability to express yourself as you wish.
Dance: A ritual, a custom, a profession, a sport, a form of therapy, a social interaction or simply an expression of feelings. Dancing is liberation.
The film not only moved and touched us, but it also made us thoughtful and, above all, combative, through the authentic presentation of topics which are unfortunately still as relevant today as they were years ago.

Special Mention

Szemem sarka (From the Corner of My Eyes)
by Domonkos Erhardt

Jury Statement:
Do you remember this one moment in your life? Perhaps it was particularly magical, maybe it was rather intense... A film reminded us of such moments and, from the very start, whisked us away on a journey behind the reflection of reality. We find the harmonious style to be inspiring and thought-provoking. In the end, the attention to detail and the touching encounter convinced us. A glimpse into a possible dream world from the corner of your eye.

Generation 14plus International Jury

The members of the Generation 14plus International Jury, Kateryna Gornostai, Fion Mutert and Juanita Onzaga award the following prizes:

The Grand Prix of the Generation 14plus International Jury for the Best Film

by Silvia Del Carmen Castaños, Estefanía “Beba” Contreras

Jury Statement:
For a touching and subtle glimpse into the intimate moments of memorable characters that grow within their friendship.
Their self-determination and playfulness, as both protagonists and authors, is inspiring.
Their actions, jokes, songs, laughs, and bodies are political and necessary as a way of resistance.

Special Mention

by Vuk Lungulov-Klotz

Jury Statement:
For a film with complex, ambivalent characters and relationships in the story of a single day, where the past comes back into the protagonist’s life. With brilliant acting and surprising storytelling.

The Special Prize of the Generation 14plus International Jury for the Best Short Film

Infantaria (Infantry)
by Laís Santos Araújo

Jury Statement:
For an atmospheric tale, that builds a unique cinematic world where womanhood takes a complex shape within each of the characters.
A film full of layers, whose paint-like frames, bright colours, and intriguing world evoke the importance of support between women.

Special Mention

by Francesca de Fusco

Jury Statement:
For a warm and personal coming of age about a feeling that is hard to define. Like a photograph, it captures a moment in the protagonist’s life, which made us feel and remember what curiosity and connection mean at a young age.

The Children’s and the Youth Jury

The youngest official Berlinale juries are staffed by seven Berlin children aged eleven to 14 for the Generation Kplus competition and five young people for the Generation 14plus competition. Independently of the International Juries, they award the Crystal Bears for the best short and long films. All young festival visitors who have shared their thoughts and comments on Generation films via the film questionnaires can qualify for participation in the Children’s or Youth Jury.