It’s Okay!

Es ist okay!
While In-young and her classmates at the Seoul International Arts Company are performing overseas, In-young’s mother tragically dies at home in Korea. In-young remains bravely resilient during the difficult first year of mourning. Threatened with eviction as a result of overdue rent payments, she secretly moves into the building of her dance school. Seol-ah, the head choreographer, discovers In-young’s hideout and reluctantly takes her into her home. The company’s 60th-anniversary performance is coming up and Seol-ah feels pressured to put on a flawless show. Meanwhile, In-young becomes the target of envy and bullying from the ensemble’s top dancer. Gradually, In-young and Seol-ah learn to reconcile their expectations with reality and find unexpected comfort in each other’s company.
by Kim Hye-young
with Lee Re, Jin Seo-yeon, Chung Su-bin, Son Suk-ku, Lee Jung-ha
South Korea 2023 Korean, English 102’ Colour International premiere | Debut film recommendation: 11 years and up


  • Lee Re (In-young)
  • Jin Seo-yeon (Seol-ah)
  • Chung Su-bin (Na-ri)
  • Son Suk-ku (Dong-wook)
  • Lee Jung-ha (Do-yoon)


Director Kim Hye-young
Screenplay Kim Hye-young, Cho Hong-jun
Cinematography Lee Seok-min
Editing Lee Gang-hee
Music Kim Jun-seok
Sound Design Park Ju-kang
Sound Park Jong-kun
Production Design Kim Seung-kyung
Costumes Yang Jin-sun
Make-Up Cho Tae-hee
Producer Song Won-seok

Produced by

Twomen Film

Kim Hye-young

The director is a graduate of the Seoul Institute of the Arts where she studied dramatic writing. She then worked as an assistant director on numerous feature films before making her directing debut with the series Be Melodramatic for the South Korean broadcaster JTBC. It’s Okay is her first feature film.


2013 Melloga chejil (Be Melodramatic); co-director, Series 2022 Unicorn 2023 It’s Okay!

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