The Jungle Knows You Better Than You Do

The search for their murdered father's spirit reunites two siblings after a long time. Juanita Onzaga remains behind the camera, her calm voice accompanying her brother Pablo. Moving between light and darkness, the film sees them venturing beyond Bogotá and deep into the Columbian jungle, where they seek refuge with their family. Trying to uncover their family's secrets, they begin a search for the mystical relationship between life and death.
by Juanita Onzaga Belgium / Colombia 2016 Spanish 20’ Colour Documentary form


Written and Directed by Juanita Onzaga
Cinematography Juanita Onzaga
Editing Mira Matthew
Music Senjan Jansen, Lucho Quintanilla
Sound Design Jeremy Bocquet
Sound Thomas Noël, Alejandra Ochoa, Wilmer Llanos
Production Design Juanita Onzaga
Casting Juanita Onzaga
Assistant Director Camilo Andrés García Pulido
Production Manager Daniela Millán
Producers Juanita Onzaga, Ana Maria Nieto de Gamboa, Gust Van den Berghe
Co-Producers Greet Busselot, Camilo Constain, Néstor Andrés Peña
Co-Production Luca School of Arts Sint-Lukas Brüssel
El Cajon Estudio Bogota

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RANA Films

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RANA Films


Juanita Onzaga

Born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1991, she moved to Belgium to study film at the Luca School of Arts Sint-Lucas and has continued to live there ever since. Moving between these two countries has influenced her storytelling which is inspired by magic realism: populated by ghosts and spirits, the stories are set in fantasy worlds as well as in jungles and cities. She has worked as a cinematographer and director on several short films, documentaries and video clips and is currently developing her first feature film.

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2014 Skin of the Other 2015 Here/Nowhere 2016 The Jungle Knows You Better Than You Do

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