Happy Doom

Flickering and pulsating, spitting and swallowing at the same time. The screen becomes a vibrating membrane; colours, shapes, beats and sounds a psychedelic whirlpool. A short, fast-paced audiovisual ode to the hypnotic power of colour and vertigo.
by Billy Roisz Austria 2023 Without dialogue 4’ Colour World premiere


Director Billy Roisz
Editing Billy Roisz
Music Billy Roisz, Karolina Preuschl
Assistant Director Dieter Kovacic
Producer Billy Roisz

Produced by

Billy Roisz

Billy Roisz

The filmmaker, musician and performer was born in Vienna, Austria in 1967. Since the late 1990s, she has been intensely engaged with the media of video and sound. Her work focuses on experimenting with the connection between auditory and visual stimuli. She was co-organiser of the Reheat Festival (2007-2015) and is co-organising the sporadically held institut5haus exhibitions. Her films zounk!, darkroom and THE (co-directed with Dieter Kovačič) have screened in the Berlinale Shorts competition. In 2022, she was accepted as a member of the Vienna Secession.

Filmography (short films, selection)

2001 smoqfraqs; co-director: Dieter Kovačič 2005 broadway; co-director: Dieter Kovačič 2006 BYE BYE ONE; co-director: Dieter Kovačič 2009 Close Your Eyes 2010 brRRMMMWHEeell 2011 Chiles en Nogada 2012 zounk! 2013 Bring Me The Head of Henri Chrètien!; co-director: Dieter Kovačič 2014 darkroom 2015 THE; co-director: Dieter Kovačič 2017 TOUTES DIRECTIONS · paris 2019 Who’s Afraid of RGB; co-director: Dieter Kovačič · styx · AQUAMARINE; co-director: Dieter Kovačič 2020 quarantine carousel 2022 do they speak color? 2023 Happy Doom

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2023