Paradise Now

Synopsis (momentan nur in Englisch verfügbar)
Paradise Now reveals how tragic and abstruse the consequences of the conflict in the Middle East are. The film revolves around two young Palestinian men who have been friends since childhood and are both recruited to carry out a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv. The two men are allowed to spend what is presumably their last night alive with their families. However, since absolute secrecy must be maintained and they can tell nobody of their mission, they cannot say goodbye properly. The next morning, the men are brought to the border with attached to their bodies in such a way as to make them completely hidden from view. However, the operation does not go according to plan. Separated from each other and left to their own devices, it’s up to them to face their destiny and stand up for their convictions …

Berlin International Film Festival 2005, Competition

Festivals und Preise (Auswahl)
Blue Angel Award, Berlin International Film Festival 2005
Toronto International Film Festival 2005
New York International Film Festival 2005
Nominated for an Academy Award for the Best Foreign Language Film 2006
Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film 2006

Palästina 2005
Regie: Hany Abu-Assad
Produktion: Augustus Film (Niederlande), Razor Film (Deutschland), Lumen Films (Frankreich), Lama Films (Israel)
Deutscher WCF-Partner: Razor Film
Weltvertrieb: Celluloid Dreams Distribution (Frankreich)

Gefördert in der WCF-Jurysitzung im Januar 2005
Fördersumme: 30.000 €