Dossiers & Statistics

Press Dossier

For the annual programme presentation, the Berlinale publishes a press dossier containing information on the film selection, the European Film Market, Berlinale Co-Production Market, Berlinale Talents, World Cinema Fund as well as statistics. The press dossier has been available for download since January 23, 2023.

2023 Press Dossier (3.6 MB)

Study on Alfred Bauer

In January 2020, media publications revealed that the role of the first director of the Berlinale, Alfred Bauer, in the Reichsfilmintendanz, the central institution for controlling film production in the Nazi regime, was more significant than had been previously realised. Alfred Bauer was director of the Berlinale from 1951 to 1976 and thus one of the key players in the development of the festival.

The Berlinale management immediately cancelled the Silver Bear – Alfred Bauer Prize award and commissioned the independent Leibniz Institute for Contemporary History (IfZ) to examine Alfred Bauer’s position in the Nazi film bureaucracy more closely. After a preliminary study in 2020, the extended IfZ study has also been available since October 2022:

Showcases in the Cold War. New research on the history of the Berlinale in the Alfred Bauer era (1951–1976) (787 KB)

Berlinale Gender Evaluation

The Berlinale values transparency regarding gender distribution in the programme. The proportion of directors in the Berlinale programme has been published since 2004. A comprehensive gender evaluation has been carried out since 2018, which can be found in the yearbook of the corresponding year in the archive.

A comparative brief review of the gender distribution in the programmes, juries, Golden Bear winners and selection committees:

Gender Statistics 2023

Submissions at the Berlinale 2023 (based on Berlinale database):

  • Total number of submissions: 7.431
  • Directing: 33% female, 57.1% male, 3.2% non-binary, 4.1% balanced, 2.6% n.a.
  • Production: 34.3% female, 46.7% male, 2.7% non-binary, 13.8% balanced, 2,5% n.a.

Selection in the Berlinale programme (based on Berlinale database):

  • Total amount of evaluated films (programme selection without Retrospective or other historical films, installations and Berlinale Series): 221
  • Directing: 34.8% female, 51.1% male, 4.1% non-binary, 6.8% balanced, 3.2% n.a.
  • Production: 35.7% female, 40.3% male, 3.2% non-binary, 17.2% balanced, 3.6% n.a.

The complete dossier on the Berlinale gender evaluation (1.9 MB)

In 2023, 320,000 tickets for 287 films were sold to the public. Around 20,000 accredited professionals from 81 countries, including 2,745 media representatives, came to Berlin. Information on ticket sales as well as accredited press and trade visitors in previous years can be found in the “Facts & Figures” section of the annual yearbook in the archive.