Press Releases 73rd Berlinale

World Cinema Fund

Sep 19, 2022: Berlinale World Cinema Fund: WCF Europe Funding Recommendations

In addition to the WCF funding recommendations announced in August, the most recent jury meeting resulted in three funding recommendations for the WCF Europe programme [...]
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Sep 13, 2022: The Berlinale Mourns the Loss of Jean-Luc Godard

He was considered the leading representative of Nouvelle Vague, and one of the most influential and innovative directors in film history [...]

Sep 06, 2022: Berlinale Spotlight: Generation in Japan 2022

The Berlinale Spotlight extends the festival period, and thus, makes the activities of the Berlinale visible throughout the entire year [...]
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Aug 30, 2022: Jacqueline Lyanga Appointed US-Delegate for the Berlinale

The Los Angeles-based, US industry expert will consolidate contacts with the US film industry and filmmakers [...]
European Film Market & Co-Production Market

Aug 25, 2022: Call for Projects: Berlinale Co-Production Market Seeks Film and Series Projects Looking to Connect with Partners

Experienced producers from all over the world can submit new feature-length film projects in need of co-producers and financiers until September 30, 2022 [...]
World Cinema Fund

Aug 16, 2022: Berlinale World Cinema Fund: Seven New Funding Recommendations / Congratulations to Four Productions Funded by the WCF on Their Invitation to the Venice Film Festival Programme

During the 36th jury session of the Berlinale World Cinema Fund (WCF), six funding recommendations were made for projects from Burkina Faso, Chile, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt and Iran [...]
Berlinale Shorts | Additional Information

Jul 27, 2022: Berlinale Spotlight: Berlinale Shorts at FIRST International Film Festival in Xining, China

Berlinale Spotlight is an extension of the main festival period and makes Berlinale activities visible throughout the year [...]
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Jul 11, 2022: Alarm at the Arrest of Golden Bear Winner Jafar Panahi in Iran

A critic of the Iranian government, Jafar Panahi has been the victim of repression for many years [...]
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Jul 09, 2022: The Berlinale Protests Against the Arrest of Golden Bear Winner Mohammad Rasoulof And His Fellow Director Mostafa Al-Ahmad

The Berlinale is fundamentally committed to freedom of expression and freedom of the arts. The festival therefore protests against the imprisonment of the two directors [...]
Forum & Forum Expanded

Jul 05, 2022: Forum Head Cristina Nord to Return to the Goethe-Institut in July 2023

In summer 2019, Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art appointed Cristina Nord as the head of the Berlinale Forum. Cristina Nord had previously been working at the Goethe-Institut Brussels, which granted her special leave for a period of almost four years [...]
Berlinale Talents

Jul 05, 2022: Call For Entries Berlinale Talents 2023: Heading into the Future with New Digital Disciplines, Swarm Intelligence and More Sustainability

Emerging film professionals can apply to Berlinale Talents until September 1, 2022 [...]
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Jul 05, 2022: Successful Conclusion of Berlinale Goes Open Air

The Berlinale, the cinemas and the distributors were very pleased with the warm reception by audiences [...]
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Jun 23, 2022: The Berlinale Calls for the Acquittal of Tsitsi Dangarembga

The Berlin International Film Festival views the upcoming trial of Tsitsi Dangarembga in Harare, Zimbabwe, on June 27, 2022 with great concern [...]
Perspektive Deutsches Kino

Jun 22, 2022: Jenni Zylka Will Be the New Section Head of Perspektive Deutsches Kino

Starting on August 1, journalist, author and presenter Jenni Zylka will be the new head of Perspektive Deutsches Kino [...]
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Jun 01, 2022: Berlinale Goes Open Air: Programme Online / Ticket Sales Start on June 3 / Limited Number of Free Tickets for Nurses and Doctors from Berlin Hospitals

Good news for film fans: From June 15 to 29, the Berlinale will present festival highlights from the February programme in a summery outdoor atmosphere [...]
European Film Market & Co-Production Market

May 20, 2022: EFM Returns with the Baltic States as “Countries in Focus” in 2023

In 2023, the European Film Market of the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival will return as an in-person event with a coalition of the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania highlighted as “Countries in Focus” [...]
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May 16, 2022: Berlinale Goes Open Air: Outdoor Screenings of Festival Films from June 15-29, 2022

If you missed the highlights of the Berlinale in February, you can catch up this summer at Berlin’s outdoor cinemas during Berlinale Goes Open Air. Rather than being a continuation of the unique Berlinale Summer Special that took place in 2021 due to the pandemic, Berlinale Goes Open Air is an expansion of the Summer Berlinale tradition [...]

May 13, 2022: Sebastian Markt Set to Become New Head of Generation Section / Melika Gothe Will Consolidate Film Education and Cultural Participation at Generation

Sebastian Markt succeeds the long-term section head Maryanne Redpath, who took her leave following the Berlinale in 2022 [...]
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May 03, 2022: Berlinale To Be Guest in Paris This June

The Berlinale is also part of “Berlin, nos années 20”: Curated by the Centre Pompidou, the programme “La Berlinale à Paris” offers a cross-section of this year’s festival line-up and includes 25 films [...]
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Mar 16, 2022: Solidarity with Ukraine

The Berlinale staunchly condemns Russia’s war of aggression, which violates international law, and expresses its solidarity with the people in Ukraine and all those who are campaigning against this war [...]