Press Releases 73rd Berlinale

Berlinale Talents

Mar 22, 2023: The Berlinale Thanks Christine Tröstrum for Her Longstanding Commitment

After 19 successful years, Christine Tröstrum will step down as project manager of Berlinale Talents in summer 2023 [...]
Forum & Forum Expanded

Mar 07, 2023: Barbara Wurm Appointed as New Head of the Berlinale Forum

As of August 1, 2023, the author and curator Barbara Wurm will be taking over as head of the Forum section [...]
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Feb 28, 2023: Glamorous Closing of Berlinale 2023 – Delighted Winners and Full Cinemas

The 73rd Berlin International Film Festival came to a successful close with the Publikumstag on February 26 [...]

Feb 25, 2023: The Awards of the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival

All awards of the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival [...]

Feb 25, 2023: Berlinale 2023: Crystal Bears and Prizes of the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk (The Children’s Charity of Germany) at Generation Kplus

The members of the Children’s Jury Generation Kplus – Luan Faik Can, Valerie Louise Da Silva Matos, Timon Mahlke, Nina Marie Stellmacher, Defne Frida Sungu, Enno Winch, Jerrit Wunder – have awarded the following prizes [...]
Panorama | Awards

Feb 25, 2023: The Panorama Audience Awards Go to Sira by Apolline Traoré and Kokomo City by D. Smith

The prizes are awarded by the Berlinale section Panorama together with radioeins and rbb television (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg) [...]
Perspektive Deutsches Kino | Awards

Feb 24, 2023: The Perspektive Deutsches Kino Award Winners

The Perspektive Deutsches Kino award winners are: Steffi Niederzoll (Compass-Perspektive-Award), Mareike Wegener and Anna Melikova (Kompagnon Fellowships) and Fabian Stumm (Heiner Carow Prize) [...]
European Film Market & Co-Production Market

Feb 23, 2023: Back in Full Force: The European Film Market (EFM) Reports Positive Results for the First Post-Pandemic Edition

After two online editions due to the pandemic, this year’s market, now once again on-site, reports record results [...]
Berlinale Special & Berlinale Series

Feb 22, 2023: The Winner of the First Berlinale Series Award in Cooperation with Deadline is The Good Mothers

A Special Mention has been dedicated to the Norwegian Series Arkitekten (The Architect) [...]
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Feb 22, 2023: Successful First Part of the 73rd Berlinale

After a celebratory start, the 2023 Berlinale is delighted to report a lively audience interest [...]
European Film Market & Co-Production Market | World Cinema Fund | Awards

Feb 20, 2023: Strong Support for Feature Film Projects

On Sunday and Monday, four cash prizes and one in-kind prize were awarded [...]
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Feb 15, 2023: Festive Opening of the Berlinale 2023 with Digital Livestream of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky

On February 16, the start of the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival will be celebrated in the Berlinale Palast [...]
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Feb 14, 2023: The Official Partners of the 73rd Berlinale

The 73rd Berlin International Film Festival receives support from its Principal Partners Armani beauty, Uber and ZDF; its Co-Partners Mastercard, Potsdamer Platz and rbb media; and approximately 30 other national and international businesses [...]
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Feb 10, 2023: Solidarity with Ukraine and Iran

The activities announced on January 23, will be complemented by the following formats and actions [...]
World Cinema Fund

Feb 08, 2023: World Cinema Fund at the Berlinale 2023: Focus on Iran / Cinema and Culture in Times of Growing Crises

Since 2004, the Berlinale World Cinema Fund (WCF) has successfully supported film production in regions with weak film infrastructures through its increasingly differentiated funding programme (WCF, WCF Europe, WCF Africa, WCF ACP), while also promoting cultural diversity in German cinemas [...]
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Feb 08, 2023: Berlinale 2023: Sustainability

The Berlinale is focused on sustainable behaviour, be it in the festival’s film programme, organisation or in the industry activities taking place under the Berlinale Pro* umbrella [...]
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Feb 08, 2023: Berlinale 2023: Diversity and Accessibility

The Berlinale is committed to diversity, inclusion and accessibility, and is constantly working to further develop inclusive events [...]
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Feb 08, 2023: Berlinale 2023: Gender Evaluation

The Berlinale values transparency regarding gender distribution in the programme [...]
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Feb 07, 2023: Berlinale Goes Kiez: The Complete Programme

From February 18 to 24, Berlinale Goes Kiez will be bringing select festival programming to neighbourhood cinemas in the city and surrounding area, in celebration of the region’s vibrant cinema landscape [...]
European Film Market & Co-Production Market

Feb 07, 2023: “Shift Happens” – EFM Industry Sessions Programme 2023 Provides Impulses for the Future of the Film and Media Business

Under the heading “Shift Happens”, the EFM Industry Sessions – the industry programme of the European Film Market (EFM) – will provide impulses for rethinking and reshaping the future of the film and media industry over seven days from February 16 to 22, 2023 [...]
Competition | Awards

Feb 01, 2023: Berlinale 2023: International Jury

Once again a multitalented International Jury will decide who will take home the Golden and the Silver Bears at the Berlinale 2023 [...]

Feb 01, 2023: Competition Programme 2023 Complete by Adding Art College 1994

The Berlinale has added Art College 1994 by Chinese director Liu Jian in the Competition that will now comprise 19 films [...]
Berlinale Special & Berlinale Series | Awards

Feb 01, 2023: Berlinale Series 2023: Berlinale Series Award Jury

For the first time, the Berlinale Series Award in cooperation with “Deadline” will be given to the best series [...]
Encounters | Awards

Feb 01, 2023: Berlinale 2023: Encounters Jury

Since 2020 the competitive section Encounters has been a part of the Berlinale. A three-member jury chooses the winners for Best Film, Best Director and the Special Jury Award [...]
Berlinale Shorts | Awards

Feb 01, 2023: 2023 Berlinale Shorts – International Short Film Jury

The 2023 International Short Film Jury for Berlinale Shorts comprises the editor Cătălin Cristuțiu, the US-american artist Sky Hopinka and the German director Isabelle Stever [...]
Generation | Awards

Feb 01, 2023: The International Juries of Generation 2023

The three jurors of the two International Juries each award the Grand Prix for the Best Film (worth 7,500 Euros) and the Special Prize for the Best Short Film (worth 2,500 Euros) [...]
Perspektive Deutsches Kino | Awards

Feb 01, 2023: Juries for Perspektive Deutsches Kino 2023

From the ten feature films and documentaries of Perspektive Deutsches Kino, two juries will determine the winner of the Compass-Perspektive-Award, endowed with 5,000 Euros, and the Heiner Carow Prize for the Promotion of German Cinematic Art, endowed with 5,000 Euros, which is awarded by the DEFA Foundation to a specialist talent from Perspektive Deutsches Kino [...]

Feb 01, 2023: GWFF Best First Feature Award Jury

Part of the three-person jury that decides on this year’s award are Ayten Amin, Judith Revault d’Allonnes and Cyril Schäublin [...]

Feb 01, 2023: Berlinale 2023: Berlinale Documentary Award – Funded by rbb

The Berlin International Film Festival has long been committed to the diversity of documentary forms [...]
Berlinale Talents

Feb 01, 2023: Much Cause for Joy – Berlinale Talents Programme 2023 with Cate Blanchett, Todd Field, Sepideh Farsi, John Malkovich, Geraldine Chaplin, Euzhan Palcy, Ruben Östlund, Kirsten Johnson and Many Other Guests

The 21st edition of Berlinale Talents brings people together from diverse cultural backgrounds to promote and jointly shape the diversity of cinema [...]
Berlinale Special & Berlinale Series

Jan 30, 2023: Berlinale Special Finalises Its Programme 2023 by Adding Two More Titles

The documentary Love to Love You, Donna Summer and the short films shown in 100 Years of Disney Animation - a Shorts Celebration complete the film selection [...]

Jan 30, 2023: Berlinale Camera 2023: Tribute to Caroline Champetier

Since 1986, the Berlinale has awarded the Berlinale Camera to honour personalities and institutions who have made a special contribution to filmmaking and with whom the festival feels closely connected [...]

Jan 23, 2023: Berlinale 2023: The Films of the Competition

More than ever, this year’s selection aims to be as open as possible to all cinematic forms [...]
Berlinale Special & Berlinale Series

Jan 23, 2023: Berlinale Special Gala with Documentary on Ukraine

More than a documentary, Superpower is the chronicle of a film project that reality forced to change in to something less controllable but more meaningful [...]

Jan 23, 2023: Berlinale 2023: The Films of Encounters

“16 titles, and as many ways to articulate a collective narrative that embraces the present, witnesses the past and imagines the future” [...]
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Jan 23, 2023: Berlinale 2023: Solidarity with Ukraine and Iran

Film festivals are places that strengthen freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and peaceful dialogue [...]
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Jan 23, 2023: Press Dossier for the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival

The press dossier comprises the film selection of the 73rd Berlinale [...]
Berlinale Special & Berlinale Series

Jan 18, 2023: Berlinale Special: Kiss the Future

Berlinale Special has added one illuminating title; a powerful documentary that looks back at a past that mirrors the present [...]

Jan 18, 2023: Tracking the Unseen – Films as Tools of Resistance

What do you do when the world is on fire? This is the question many of the filmmakers in this year’s Panorama programme are asking themselves [...]

Jan 18, 2023: Berlinale Generation 2023 - Tides of Hope

The Generation 14plus competition will open with Wann wird es endlich wieder so, wie es nie war (When Will It Be Again Like It Never Was Before) by Sonja Heiss on February 17, 2023 [...]
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Jan 18, 2023: Berlinale Goes Kiez 2023: A Salute to the Local Cinema Landscape

When the Berlinale establishes its presence throughout the city once again in February, in nearly all of its districts, in a celebration of cinema and the festival audience, then Berlinale Goes Kiez, a perpetual audience favourite, has to be part of the party [...]
European Film Market & Co-Production Market

Jan 18, 2023: Books at Berlinale – Eleven Books on Route to Adaptation

On February 20, the Berlinale Co-Production Market at Books at Berlinale, in cooperation with Frankfurter Buchmesse, will present eleven exceptional examples of literary material that lend themselves to adaptation [...]
Berlinale Special & Berlinale Series

Jan 16, 2023: Future Now

In its ninth edition, Berlinale Series presents eight world and international premieres [...]
Forum & Forum Expanded

Jan 16, 2023: Thought Needs Images. On the 28 Films in the Berlinale Forum Main Programme

The features showing at the 53rd Berlinale Forum can be loosely divided into two groups: films that pare down their narratives, avoid big dramatic shifts and give a key role to the composure of camerawork and montage on the one hand and those with a penchant for the absurd on the other [...]
Forum & Forum Expanded

Jan 16, 2023: An Atypical Orbit – The 18th Forum Expanded

The films and installations that make up this year’s Forum Expanded programme revolve around – in fluctuating proximities – political and personal legacies which often lie in shambles [...]
European Film Market & Co-Production Market

Jan 16, 2023: Berlinale Series Market at Potsdamer Platz: Talks, Screenings and Showcases From All Over the World

The Berlinale Series Market (February 20-22, 2023) returns to Potsdamer Platz for its ninth edition [...]
European Film Market & Co-Production Market

Jan 16, 2023: Co-Pro Series 2023: Ten Selected Series in Pitch Event and Searching for Partners

On 21 and 22 February, the Berlinale Co-Production Market will be dedicated to Co-Pro Series [...]
Berlinale Special & Berlinale Series

Jan 13, 2023: Berlinale Special

Glamour and popular films in the Gala Premieres, in-depth debates at the panel discussions, a spotlight on current topics, unusual formats and the honouring of extraordinary film personalities – Berlinale Special is one of the festival’s most versatile programmes [...]
Berlinale Shorts

Jan 13, 2023: 2023 Berlinale Shorts – Fiction Against a Real-Life Backdrop

The 20 films in the 2023 Berlinale Shorts fully exploit the many possibilities of cinematic storytelling: the fictional works range from beautifully directed and excellently casted dramas [...]
Forum & Forum Expanded

Jan 13, 2023: Headed for the Retrospectives of the Future: the Films Showing at the Forum Special

This year too, a Forum Special complements the main programme of the independent section of the Berlinale. Two newly restored feature-length works explore different aspects of Black culture [...]
Berlinale Special & Berlinale Series

Jan 11, 2023: She Came to Me by Rebecca Miller Will Open the 2023 Berlinale

The 73rd Berlin International Film Festival will open on February 16, 2023 with the world premiere of the US production She Came to Me [...]
Perspektive Deutsches Kino

Jan 09, 2023: Perspektive Deutsches Kino 2023: Kisses, Conflicts, Collisions

Crises everywhere: Complex social and political conflicts, global warming and the need for environmental conservation, plus all the usual tensions and questions regarding commitment, closeness and distance [...]
Retrospective, Berlinale Classics & Homage

Jan 09, 2023: Film Line-up Set for the 2023 Retrospective “Young at Heart – Coming of Age at the Movies”

Dr Rainer Rother, head of the Retrospective and artistic director of the Deutsche Kinemathek, and his team have finalised the film selection for the section, this year titled “Young at Heart – Coming of Age at the Movies” [...]
Retrospective, Berlinale Classics & Homage

Jan 09, 2023: Berlinale Classics 2023 Celebrates the Premieres of Eight Digitally Restored Films

For the Berlinale Classics section at the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival, Rainer Rother and his team shine a special spotlight on films from the 1980s and early 1990s [...]
European Film Market & Co-Production Market

Jan 09, 2023: 20 Year Anniversary of a Continuing Treasure Trove for Tomorrow’s Film Hits: At the Berlinale Co-Production Market, 33 Film Projects Will Meet International Co-producers

For the 20th Berlinale Co-Production Market (February 18 to 22), 33 film projects from 26 countries have been selected to find partners, in order to secure their financing and get produced as international co-productions in the next few years [...]
Retrospective, Berlinale Classics & Homage

Dec 22, 2022: Berlinale 2023 Lauds Steven Spielberg with an Honorary Golden Bear and Homage

The Homage will screen his latest film, The Fabelmans, with Spielberg on hand to accept the statuette on February 21, 2023 at the Awards Ceremony in the Berlinale Palast [...]

Dec 22, 2022: Berlinale Spotlight: Generation Cinema Vision 14plus

For many years, the Berlinale has been present around the world with specially curated programmes. The Berlinale Spotlight extends the festival period, and thus, makes the activities of the Berlinale visible throughout the entire year [...]
Berlinale Special & Berlinale Series

Dec 20, 2022: Berlinale Special & Berlinale Series Release First Titles

Berlinale Special captivates audiences with its variety of formats and a multifaceted programme. The 73rd Berlinale will include a series of “special” films that elevate cinema as an art form, that reconnect the audience with very beloved characters or people and that explore the dark side of the night [...]
Forum & Forum Expanded

Dec 20, 2022: Offscreen Voices, Onscreen Bodies: The First Films of the 53rd Berlinale Forum

Image and sound are somehow off-kilter. The first eight films of the Forum programme explore the possibilities of the voiceover, dare to let text and image diverge or work with a deliberately restricted stock of images to allow their soundtracks to reverberate all the more [...]
Forum & Forum Expanded

Dec 20, 2022: Forum Expanded: First Eight Works from the 2023 Selection

Forum Expanded is announcing the first set of titles selected for the upcoming edition of the Berlinale. These films and installations revolve around individual trajectories through politically fraught histories, negotiations of intimacy and propositions of remoteness [...]
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Dec 20, 2022: The 2023 Berlinale Key Design

The key design was once again created by Berlin-based graphic designer Claudia Schramke [...]
Berlinale Talents

Dec 20, 2022: The 204 Talents Have Been Selected, Talents Footprints Jury with Honor Swinton Byrne, Talk with Cate Blanchett

For a community comprising 68 countries the six days exchanging experiences are a ticket to join what is one of the largest worldwide film communities [...]
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Dec 19, 2022: The New Sponsors of the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival

Cosmetics brand Armani beauty and mobility platform Uber will be the new Principal Partners of the Berlinale 2023, complementing the commitment of long-time principal media partner ZDF [...]

Dec 15, 2022: Tracking the Unseen. Films as Tools of Resistance

Films from Ukraine, Yemen and about Iran are among the first to have been confirmed for the Panorama line-up which also features strong feminist cinema from the US. The 2023 programme manifests a worldwide trend towards transnational filmmaking in both fiction films and documentaries [...]

Dec 15, 2022: The World in View

The first 18 films confirmed so far hint at a programme that embraces both perceptive assessments of the state of the world as well as fantastical assertions of personal truths – in both themes and cinematic language [...]
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Dec 15, 2022: 73rd Berlinale: Cinema Network With New Festival Venues Will Be Expanded

After two editions have taken place with reduced capacity, the Berlinale cinemas are ready to be filled in full capacity. In order to welcome at best the audiences and festival guests, and to celebrate the big comeback of one of the most beloved winter-events in town, the Berlinale is happy to announce that it will expand its cinema network throughout the city, incorporating new exciting locations [...]
European Film Market & Co-Production Market

Dec 15, 2022: In-person Edition Attracting Large Numbers of Visitors / Innovations and Focus at Potsdamer Platz

Two months before the start of the renewed in-person edition of the EFM at the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival, the organisers are already registering strong demand [...]

Dec 09, 2022: Kristen Stewart to Head the International Jury at the 2023 Berlinale

American actor, screenwriter and director Kristen Stewart will be the president of the International Jury at the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival [...]
Perspektive Deutsches Kino | Berlinale Talents

Dec 06, 2022: Visibility, Networking, Support - For Filmmakers in Germany

The Berlinale stands for the long-term promotion of talent. The section Perspektive Deutsches Kino is underlining its commitment to up-and-coming creatives in Germany with a special focus on supporting and granting visibility to all film skills [...]
Berlinale Talents

Nov 30, 2022: “You Must Be Joking – Humour in Serious Times” – The Theme of Berlinale Talents 2023

In its 21st edition, the Berlin International Film Festival's talent development initiative is dedicated to humour in serious times [...]
World Cinema Fund

Nov 25, 2022: New Funding Recommendations / WCF Europe – TFL Audience Design Award / Mentoring Project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

In the 37th jury session of the Berlinale World Cinema Fund (WCF), the juries made eleven funding recommendations for projects from Argentina, Bangladesh, Central African Republic, Chad, Colombia, Iran, Peru, Tunisia and Venezuela [...]
Retrospective, Berlinale Classics & Homage

Nov 22, 2022: Berlinale 2023: Honorary Golden Bear and Homage for Steven Spielberg

A recipient of multiple Academy Awards, Spielberg is one of the world's most renowned filmmakers. His oeuvre, consisting of over 100 films and series, is unique in the history of international cinema of the past 60 years for its immense variety [...]
World Cinema Fund

Nov 11, 2022: Berlinale Spotlight: World Cinema Fund at “Around the World in 14 Films”

At its 17th edition, “Around the World in 14 Films” will present an all-day Berlinale Spotlight: World Cinema Fund with five outstanding WCF-funded films on December 4th [...]
Retrospective, Berlinale Classics & Homage

Oct 27, 2022: Retrospective 2023 “Young at Heart – Coming of Age at the Movies”

Noted Filmmakers From Around the World Share Their Favourites in the Genre [...]
Additional Information

Oct 21, 2022: Expanded Study on Alfred Bauer / Public Panel Discussion

The Bauer case is one of the research gaps in the historical processing of the post-war film industry [...]
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Oct 13, 2022: Berlinale 2023: “Let’s Get Together”

On-Site Festival for Industry and Audiences / New Award in the Series Segment / Berlinale Pro* Label [...]
World Cinema Fund

Sep 19, 2022: Berlinale World Cinema Fund: WCF Europe Funding Recommendations

In addition to the WCF funding recommendations announced in August, the most recent jury meeting resulted in three funding recommendations for the WCF Europe programme [...]
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Sep 13, 2022: The Berlinale Mourns the Loss of Jean-Luc Godard

He was considered the leading representative of Nouvelle Vague, and one of the most influential and innovative directors in film history [...]

Sep 06, 2022: Berlinale Spotlight: Generation in Japan 2022

The Berlinale Spotlight extends the festival period, and thus, makes the activities of the Berlinale visible throughout the entire year [...]
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Aug 30, 2022: Jacqueline Lyanga Appointed US-Delegate for the Berlinale

The Los Angeles-based, US industry expert will consolidate contacts with the US film industry and filmmakers [...]
European Film Market & Co-Production Market

Aug 25, 2022: Call for Projects: Berlinale Co-Production Market Seeks Film and Series Projects Looking to Connect with Partners

Experienced producers from all over the world can submit new feature-length film projects in need of co-producers and financiers until September 30, 2022 [...]
World Cinema Fund

Aug 16, 2022: Berlinale World Cinema Fund: Seven New Funding Recommendations / Congratulations to Four Productions Funded by the WCF on Their Invitation to the Venice Film Festival Programme

During the 36th jury session of the Berlinale World Cinema Fund (WCF), six funding recommendations were made for projects from Burkina Faso, Chile, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt and Iran [...]
Berlinale Shorts | Additional Information

Jul 27, 2022: Berlinale Spotlight: Berlinale Shorts at FIRST International Film Festival in Xining, China

Berlinale Spotlight is an extension of the main festival period and makes Berlinale activities visible throughout the year [...]
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Jul 11, 2022: Alarm at the Arrest of Golden Bear Winner Jafar Panahi in Iran

A critic of the Iranian government, Jafar Panahi has been the victim of repression for many years [...]
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Jul 09, 2022: The Berlinale Protests Against the Arrest of Golden Bear Winner Mohammad Rasoulof And His Fellow Director Mostafa Al-Ahmad

The Berlinale is fundamentally committed to freedom of expression and freedom of the arts. The festival therefore protests against the imprisonment of the two directors [...]
Forum & Forum Expanded

Jul 05, 2022: Forum Head Cristina Nord to Return to the Goethe-Institut in July 2023

In summer 2019, Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art appointed Cristina Nord as the head of the Berlinale Forum. Cristina Nord had previously been working at the Goethe-Institut Brussels, which granted her special leave for a period of almost four years [...]
Berlinale Talents

Jul 05, 2022: Call For Entries Berlinale Talents 2023: Heading into the Future with New Digital Disciplines, Swarm Intelligence and More Sustainability

Emerging film professionals can apply to Berlinale Talents until September 1, 2022 [...]
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Jul 05, 2022: Successful Conclusion of Berlinale Goes Open Air

The Berlinale, the cinemas and the distributors were very pleased with the warm reception by audiences [...]
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Jun 23, 2022: The Berlinale Calls for the Acquittal of Tsitsi Dangarembga

The Berlin International Film Festival views the upcoming trial of Tsitsi Dangarembga in Harare, Zimbabwe, on June 27, 2022 with great concern [...]
Perspektive Deutsches Kino

Jun 22, 2022: Jenni Zylka Will Be the New Section Head of Perspektive Deutsches Kino

Starting on August 1, journalist, author and presenter Jenni Zylka will be the new head of Perspektive Deutsches Kino [...]
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Jun 01, 2022: Berlinale Goes Open Air: Programme Online / Ticket Sales Start on June 3 / Limited Number of Free Tickets for Nurses and Doctors from Berlin Hospitals

Good news for film fans: From June 15 to 29, the Berlinale will present festival highlights from the February programme in a summery outdoor atmosphere [...]
European Film Market & Co-Production Market

May 20, 2022: EFM Returns with the Baltic States as “Countries in Focus” in 2023

In 2023, the European Film Market of the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival will return as an in-person event with a coalition of the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania highlighted as “Countries in Focus” [...]
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May 16, 2022: Berlinale Goes Open Air: Outdoor Screenings of Festival Films from June 15-29, 2022

If you missed the highlights of the Berlinale in February, you can catch up this summer at Berlin’s outdoor cinemas during Berlinale Goes Open Air. Rather than being a continuation of the unique Berlinale Summer Special that took place in 2021 due to the pandemic, Berlinale Goes Open Air is an expansion of the Summer Berlinale tradition [...]

May 13, 2022: Sebastian Markt Set to Become New Head of Generation Section / Melika Gothe Will Consolidate Film Education and Cultural Participation at Generation

Sebastian Markt succeeds the long-term section head Maryanne Redpath, who took her leave following the Berlinale in 2022 [...]
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May 03, 2022: Berlinale To Be Guest in Paris This June

The Berlinale is also part of “Berlin, nos années 20”: Curated by the Centre Pompidou, the programme “La Berlinale à Paris” offers a cross-section of this year’s festival line-up and includes 25 films [...]
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Mar 16, 2022: Solidarity with Ukraine

The Berlinale staunchly condemns Russia’s war of aggression, which violates international law, and expresses its solidarity with the people in Ukraine and all those who are campaigning against this war [...]