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What is the deadline for submitting a Press Accreditation application?
The deadline is January 6, 2022 and must be paid in advance online by January 31, 2022 (payments on-site won't be possible).

How can I find out about the COVID-19 measures in place?
Access to the press areas is only permitted to people who can provide full proof of vaccination or recovery.

Information on the hygiene and security measures currently in force can be found under COVID-19 regulations. In view of the development of the epidemic situation, we ask you to visit this page regularly to stay informed.

I do not have all the required documents for my accreditation application. Can I submit them later?
Your accreditation request can only be processed if all required documents were provided. Please let us know until when you can hand in missing documents by using the comment box. Late submissions can be sent via mail to the Press Office:




I am both a film professional and a journalist. Can I apply for both accreditations?
No, only one form of accreditation can be issued. To verify which kind of accreditation corresponds best to your professional profile, please check the respective pages for Professionals & EFM or Press.

I wish to apply for different media accreditations (e.g. print/online journalism and photo journalism)
Multiple accreditations for different activity fields are not possible. Please state your main field of work during the Berlinale.

What are my access options?
Information can be found under access information.

Where and when can I collect my Press Accreditation badge?
Before the festival starts, a collection slip will be sent to the e-mail address you have provided with all the relevant information regarding the collection of your Press Accreditation badge. in 2022, Press Accreditations will be issued for the first time at the Berlinale Service Center, Eichhornstr. 3, 10785 Berlin.

Will there be press screenings? How can I access them?
Tickets for press screenings for accredited press (except technicians, photographers and PR agents without screenings access) are available free of charge and can only be booked in advance online. Tickets are subject to availability on a first come, first served basis. Tickets are exclusively issued for the personal use of accredited press and are only valid in combination with a Press Accreditation (the badge must be presented for inspection at the cinema entrance). A maximum of one ticket is available per person per screening or event per time slot. There is no guarantee that you will obtain a ticket for a specific screening or that a specific number of tickets will be available. However, it is mandatory to pre-book a ticket online for all festival screenings, press screenings and Press Conferences.

An allocated number of press tickets for the public screenings of all other sections are also available. Accredited press can book online tickets for the public screenings

Will there be online press screenings?
No. Press screenings and public screenings will only take place in cinemas. There will be no online screenings.

Can I attend the Press Conferences with my Press Accreditation?
Press Conferences are reserved for Press Accreditation holders only in conjunction with a ticket pre-booked online. Tickets will be granted subject to availability.

I do not have access to the online services. What can I do?
Please note that, for technical reasons, online services can only be used shortly after your payment is proceeded. If you still cannot access them after ten minutes, please contact the : Tel. +49 30 25920-800

General Information

How do I apply for an Accreditation?

For a detailed guide see: Accreditation procedure.

What do I do if I've forgotten my user name for the My Account?

If you have forgotten your user name, please contact the Berlinale Web Support team at .


How can I pay for my accreditation?
You can only pay online for your accreditation more information can be found here.

Can I also pay the accreditation fee when I pick up my badge at the counter?
Payment at the accreditation counter is not possible this year. The Accreditation must be paid for online in advance by January 31.

Will I receive an invoice?
After completing your payment, you will receive an invoice by e-mail. You can also download this invoice at any time via the “My Accreditation” button in “My Account”. Before making your payment, you will have the opportunity to edit the billing address. Please note that it will not be possible to make any changes to the billing address after payment.

How can I cancel my accreditation?
Refunds for Press, Student and Festival Accreditations that have already been paid for are only possible until January 31, 2022, and only if a written notice of cancellation is sent to .

A Market Badge or combined Festival Accreditation and Market Badge that has/have already been paid for cannot be cancelled completely. However, it/they can be converted into an Online Market Badge until January 31, 2022. The cost of the Online Market Badge will be offset against the fee already paid for the Market Badge. In such cases, the fee for the Online Market Badge will be the price applicable at the time that the Market Badge was requested.
It is not possible to cancel an Online Market Badge once it has been paid for.

I am unable to attend the Berlinale. Can I transfer my accreditation to a colleague?
You cannot transfer your accreditation to someone else.

During the Festival

When and where can I collect my badge?
About one week before the festival starts, you will receive an e-mail containing information about how to pick up your accreditation. The pick-up letter attached to this e-mail must be presented (digitally or in printed form) at the accreditation counter when picking up your badge, in combination with a valid ID. The badge can only be collected if it has already been paid for online in advance. 

Can I ask someone else to pick up my accreditation badge?
If the COVID-19 regulations permit, accreditations and EFM badges can be picked up by someone else, but only upon presentation of a signed letter of authorisation. You will find more detailed information about this on the collection note that will be emailed to you one week before the start of the festival.

What do I do if I have lost my accreditation badge?
Please immediately report the loss of your accreditation badge to the office that issued your accreditation. The reissue of your badge will cost €30 and may take up to 24 hours.

Practical Information and Miscellaneous

I am an invited guest of the Berlinale/member of a film crew. How can I gain access to the EFM?
Access to the exhibitors within the EFM locations (Gropius Bau & Marriott Hotel) will be restricted (February 10 & 15-17 all day | February 11-14 from 5 p.m.). To gain unrestricted access to the EFM venues, Market Screenings and the EFM online features, please order an additional Market Badge via .

What is the Berlinale doing to protect my data?
The Berlinale takes great care in handling your private data. See the Privacy Policy for all relevant information on what happens to your data. For further questions regarding data protection, please contact the data protection officer at .

Does the Berlinale provide any support for visa applications?
Please note that the processing of visas at German Embassies can currently take longer than normal due to the increased security and hygiene protocols. Participants who require a visa to travel to Germany should contact the German Embassy responsible for their place of residence as soon as possible. More information and visa application forms can be found on the German Federal Foreign Office website. From mid-December onward, the Berlinale will inform the respective German Embassy or Consulate General of your participation in the festival to facilitate your visa application.

COVID-19 Regulations

What COVID-19 measures are being taken by the Festival/EFM?
Details of the Berlinale COVID-19 regulations can be found on the information page.


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