Press Accreditation

Applications for accreditation to the 2023 Berlinale can be made online from the beginning of November 2022.

The information on this page is intended to provide general guidance about the accreditation process. Up-to-date information about the 2023 Berlinale will be published from autumn 2022.

A Berlinale Press Accreditation is available to journalists of all media (print, online, TV, radio, web TV, photography) as well as to PR agents of all the films screening at the festival. The access information gives a detailed overview of the authorisations of the different media types.

The screenings and events are accessible for the public press via an online ticketing system.

Fees and Requirements

The Berlinale provides press accreditation for a fee of 60 Euros (VAT included).

In order for us to assess your application, you will be required to upload various documents in digital form to the BOA (Berlinale Online Accreditation) accreditation tool. The BOA will be available again from autumn 2022. An overview of the documents required when applying for accreditation is provided below. The Berlinale reserves the right to approve or deny a Press Accreditation based on the assessment of the requested evidence/documents.

Please also note:

  • A press card or details of the publishing house will not be accepted as evidence.
  • Multiple accreditations made via various Berlinale accreditation offices or for different professional fields, such as for a photo and print journalist, are not possible.
  • Please state your main field of work in your application.
  • An official confirmation letter (PDF) from your assigning editor confirming your assignment to cover the festival. Please provide information on the type, extent and publication date of the planned coverage as well as a media kit.
  • Proof of publication (max. 50 MB) in the form of two current examples of film-related coverage, preferably in the assigning publication, or a link to its presence online. If you were accredited to the Berlinale in the previous year, material relating to that edition of the festival should be submitted.
  • For online media only: information on the type of media (website of a newspaper, web portal or similar) as well as the frequency of publication and user statistics (unique visitors and page views).
  • An official confirmation letter (PDF) from your assigning editor confirming your assignment to cover the festival, stating the intention to broadcast your reports and including information about the programme (e.g. frequency, date and time of the broadcast(s), audience ratings), names and jobs of the crew members to be accredited.
  • A scan of last year’s coverage or proof of publication (max. 50 MB).
  • An official confirmation letter (PDF) from your assigning editor or agency director confirming your assignment to cover the festival.
  • Proofs of publications (max. 50 MB).
  • A scan of your press card.
  • An official letter of confirmation (PDF) from your agency director, the film production company or film distributor containing all the information on the films you will be representing at the Berlinale.