Matt and Mara

Matt und Mara
Mara, a young creative writing professor, is struggling with problems in her marriage to an experimental musician. One day, Matt, a charismatic, free-spirited author from her past, wanders onto her university campus. Bonded by their shared interests, the two gradually become closer. When Mara’s husband unexpectedly cancels plans to drive her to an out-of-town conference, Matt accompanies Mara on the trip instead. Along the way, the tension surrounding their undefined relationship slowly grows.
by Kazik Radwanski
with Deragh Campbell, Matt Johnson, Mounir Al Shami, Emma Healey, Avery Nayman
Canada 2024 English 80' Colour, 4K DCP World premiere


  • Deragh Campbell (Mara)
  • Matt Johnson (Matt)
  • Mounir Al Shami (Samir)
  • Emma Healey (Emma)
  • Avery Nayman (Avery)
  • Marlowe Granados (Maeve)


DirectorKazik Radwanski
ScreenplayKazik Radwanski
CinematographyNikolay Michaylov
EditingAjla Odobašić
SoundGabe Knox, Ian Reynolds
CostumesMara Zigler
ProducersDan Montgomery, Candice Napoleone
Executive ProducersNeil Mathieson, Matthew Miller, Matt Johnson, Kazik Radwanski, Dan Montgomery

Produced by

Medium Density Fibreboard Films (MDFF)

Toronto, Canada

Kazik Radwanski

Born in Toronto, Canada in 1985, he studied film at Ryerson University and is co-founder of the MDFF production company. His debut feature film Tower premiered at Locarno while How Heavy This Hammer premiered in the 2016 Berlinale Forum and Anne at 13,000 ft screened in both the Forum and Generation sections in 2020. Alongside his work as a filmmaker, he teaches film and television production at Humber College in Toronto.


2007 Assault; short film 2008 Princess Margaret Blvd.; short film 2009 Out in that Deep Blue Sea; short film 2010 Green Crayons; short film 2012 Tower 2013 Cutaway; short film 2015 How Heavy This Hammer 2017 Scaffold; short film 2019 Anne at 13,000 ft 2024 Matt and Mara

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2024


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