Berlinale: General Information

Welcome to the Berlinale Online Accreditation / EFM Registration

Applications for Accreditation / EFM Registration for the Berlinale 2017 will be accepted from early November 2016.

Please note that all information currently given on these pages refers to the Berlinale 2016 and is given subject to alteration in order to offer a general insight into accreditation procedures.

Every year more than 20,000 industry delegates and representatives of the press from over 125 countries are accredited for the world's biggest audience film festival and the European Film Market.

Information about all issues regarding the various types of accreditation such as access permissions, deadlines and fees as well as accreditation requirements and proof of professional activity can be found on the respective webpages for members of the press, for industry professionals and for students.

Please read the eligibility requirements and participation guidelines very carefully before applying. Applications for accreditation by members of the press, for Festival Accreditation and Market Badges can only be made via individual online access in the “My Account” section.

With your individual online access, you can log on to both the Berlinale and the EFM websites. After successfully being granted accreditation you will be given access to the various online services of the Berlinale and the EFM via your personal account, according to your type of pass.

The Berlinale looks forward to welcoming you!

To participate in the Berlinale Co-Production Market, an additional application is required. Applicants may be producers with international co-production experience and recent credits, financiers, sales agents, as well as representatives of film funds, broadcasters, theatrical and online distributors working in the field of international co-productions. You can find more information here. The deadline for feature project submissions is October 12. To receive the application form for participants who do not wish to present their own projects (available as of early November) and for further enquiries, please write to the Berlinale Co-Production Market team at .

Berlinale Talents is only open to officially invited participants. Further information on the conditions for participation, the application process, deadlines and tickets can be found on the website of Berlinale Talents.


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