Berlinale: General Information

Welcome to the Berlinale Online Accreditation / EFM Registration

Please note that the deadline for accreditation for the 69th Berlin International Film Festival has passed. Requests can no longer be accepted.

However, you can still get access to the EFM without prior online registration at the EFM On-site Registration Counter in the Gropius Bau.

Every year more than 20,000 industry delegates and representatives of the press from over 125 countries are accredited for the International Film Festival Berlin and the European Film Market.

Information about the various types of accreditation and their access permissions, deadlines, fees as well as accreditation requirements and proof of professional activity can be found on the respective webpages for members of the press, industry professionals and students.

Please read the accreditation requirements and participation guidelines carefully before applying. Applications for Press-, Festival Accreditation and Market Badges can be made via “My Account” only.

You can log on to both the Berlinale and the EFM websites with your “My Account” access data. You will be given access through your “My Account” to the various Online Services of the Berlinale and the EFM depending on your accreditation type after your application was confirmed. .

The Berlinale looks forward to welcoming you!

To participate in the Berlinale Co-Production Market, an additional application is required. Applicants may be producers with international co-production experience and recent credits, financiers, sales agents, or representatives of film funds, broadcasters, theatrical and online distributors working in the field of international co-productions. You can find more information here.

Access to Berlinale Talents is restricted to officially invited participants. Further information on the conditions for participation, the application process and deadlines can be found on the website of Berlinale Talents.

However, many events are public and open to interested Berlinale visitors (with or without accreditation).


International Film Industry

Benjamin Kohzer
Julius Weigel
phone +49 30 25920-198

German Film Industry

Karla Stöhr
phone +49 30 25920-196


Lillith Kolling
phone +49 30 25920-195

EFM Exhibitors

Charlotte Gondolf
phone +49 30 25920-192

Accreditation Print/Online
Philipp Gilly
Tel. +49 30 25920-747
Fax +49 30 25920-799

Accreditation TV/Radio
Michaela Herzhauser
Tel. +49 30 25920-780

Wolfgang Samlowski
(as of Dezember)
Tel. +49 30 25920-789

Accreditation Photographers
Philine von Düszeln
(as of Dezember)
Tel. +49 30 25920-746
Fax +49 30 25920-799

Accreditation PR Agents
Franziska Merlo
Tel. +49 30 25920-707
Fax +49 30 25920-799

Non-reporting editors of TV feature film departments and TV buyers please contact the general accreditation department:

Lillith Kolling
phone +49 30 25920-195

Mirjam Linkenheil
phone +49 30 25920-632

Contact Web Support

For technical questions concerning the accreditation process please contact the Web Support:

Web Support
phone +49 30 25920-800

Mo-Fr, 9.00 am - 7.00 pm
Berlin time: