Berlinale Participation Guidelines

These participation guidelines apply to the Summer Special in June 2021.

1. Preliminary Remarks

The Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) is a division of Kulturveranstaltungen des Bundes in Berlin GmbH (KBB). The Berlinale is funded by the Minister of State for Culture and Media, in accordance with a resolution of the German Federal Parliament. The European Film Market (EFM) is part of the Berlinale.

To qualify for an accreditation, the festival visitor must agree to the participation guidelines. Any violation of these guidelines, as well as any disregard of the safety regulations, may lead to the withdrawal of the accreditation and a permanent exclusion from the event by the organiser. The organiser can assert further rights as necessary.

2. Code of Conduct and Anti-Discrimination Statement

The Berlinale is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment which facilitates dialogue and exchange where everyone is treated respectfully. This applies to employees, visitors, guests and partners.

Consequently, the Berlinale will not tolerate or condone any forms of preferential treatment, hurtful language, discrimination, exclusion, offensive behaviour, violence, mistreatment or harassment on the basis of gender, ethnicity, religion, geographical origin, skin colour, religious beliefs, sexuality, gender identity, socio-economic class, caste, disability or age.

The Berlinale reserves the right to revoke a participant’s accreditation and/or their access to Online Services without notice if they commit any such misconduct.

3. Conditions for Accreditation

Accreditation applications are only processed during the official registration period. The deadlines are published on the Berlinale website.

Proof of professional activity to do with media coverage is a requirement for accreditation.

The submission of an application does not guarantee accreditation. The festival organisers reserve the right to accept or reject an application.

Further information can be found on the respective web pages: Press.

4. Online Rights

The online rights acquired with the accreditation are personal and non-transferable. It grants access to Online Services of the Berlin International Film Festival in accordance with the guidelines provided by the organisers.

Accredited press are not entitled to make any content of the Online Press Screenings public or hold them privately and/or make them openly accessible. In the case of a presentation and/or making available to the public and/or commercial use of the offers, the accredited person does not only violate the participation guidelines of the Berlin International Film Festival, but also violates the rights to the content of the film rights holders and may accordingly be subject to claims made by the Berlin International Film Festival and the rights holders.

5. Age Restrictions

Persons under the age of 18 are not eligible for accreditation.

6. Copyright

The applicant guarantees that all documents, in particular the photos submitted with their application, are free of copyright. The applicant guarantees that they release the Berlinale from any claims by copyright holders regarding the use of the submitted material. The Berlinale reserves the right to retrospectively refuse an accreditation which makes unauthorised use of copyrighted material.

7. Access to Events

There is no guarantee of access to specific Online Press Screenings and/or cinema screenings or events on site or a certain amount of Online Press Screenings. At the discretion of the rights holder, access to Online Press Screenings may be limited to selected groups of participants.

For press accreditations: By using Online Press Screenings, your personal data (first name, surname and press outlet) could be transmitted to the rights holders of the films.

8. Film and Sound Recordings

Participants are not permitted to make audio and/or visual recordings of any kind of online content (in particular Online Press Screenings). Any infringement of this rule could lead to civil and/or criminal legal action and will result in the participant having their online access removed.

To prevent piracy, every festival participant confirms that they will not steal intellectual property in accordance with copyright laws and with respect to the resultant rights.

In the event of authorised persons recording images and/or sound during a screening or event, festival participants agree to their possible inclusion in an image and/or sound recording and permit these recordings to be potentially broadcast or transmitted to third parties for publicity purposes without any claim to remuneration.

9. General Terms and Conditions

In addition, the general terms and conditions of Kulturveranstaltungen des Bundes in Berlin GmbH apply. If there is any contradiction between the above participation guidelines and the general terms and conditions, the former take precedence.

As of May 10, 2021



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