Badge Types

The current COVID-19 ordinance means accreditation is only possible for people who have been vaccinated or have recovered from the illness. The Berlinale is taking place as a ‘2G’ event.

Official requirements may change according to the epidemic situation. All accredited persons are requested to take personal responsibility for familiarising themselves with the most up-to-date hygiene rules and checking whether they meet the current requirements.

Representatives of the film industry attending the festival in person can apply for festival accreditation and/or a Market Badge. Access is in accordance with the Berlinale COVID-19 regulations and capacity restrictions.

Industry visitors unable to attend the festival in person can apply for an Online Market Badge. Details on the respective access options can be found in the table below.

Festival Accreditation grants holders the opportunity to attend festival screenings in every section – but not at all times or at every venue - as well as the public events in the Berlinale Talents programme. Tickets for these events are free-of-charge but must be booked online (new for 2022). Festival accreditation also grants limited access to the stands in the EFM locations (Gropius Bau & Marriott Hotel).

The Market Badge grants full access to the EFM locations, EFM Industry Sessions and market screenings. These screenings can be attended without tickets on production of a Market Badge. In addition, holders of the Market Badge have access to the EFM online content ("EFM Industry Sessions", online screenings, participants guide and event schedule). Please note that, due to the pandemic, the 2022 Market Badge does not grant in-person access to festival or press screenings.

The Online Market Badge grants access to the EFM online content ("EFM Industry Sessions", online screenings, participants guide and event schedule).

Buyers status: The Buyers Badge grants access to market screenings and the EFM locations with a priority over Market Badge holders. The rights holders of the films have the option to restrict access to the screenings (on-site & online) to selected groups – for example buyers – within the cohort of EFM participants. Buyer’s status cannot be purchased but is allocated to a limited number of people by the EFM. You are considered for a Buyers status if you order a (Online) Market Badge and select "Acquisitions (…)" as your "Field of Activity" on the application form.

The EFM Day Pass has been discontinued.

Fees and Deadlines

The accreditation fee to be paid is determined by the date of application and remains valid until January 31, 2022. The current daily price applies from February 1, 2022 to all accreditations that have not been paid for.
The "Buyers" status is not available for purchase; it is validated by the EFM and extends the Market Badge/Online Market Badge.

Due to Covid-19-related capacity restrictions, we strongly recommend that you submit your accreditation application(s) by the Regular rate deadline on January 6, 2022. After this date, the possibility to apply for and grant individual or multiple types of accreditation may be discontinued at any time.
In addition, if you submit a late application, please take into account the processing time required (e.g. for checking the application and - following payment - for activating the EFM online services and the online ticketing for accredited visitors).

Online Market Badge applications can be submitted until February 17, 2022.

Accreditation +
Early Bear until Dec 6, 2021 (CET) €125 €250 €375 €119
Regular until Jan 6, 2022 (CET) €125 €300 €425 €159
Late from Jan 7, 2022 (CET) €175 €350 €475 €159

On-Site Access

  Festival Accreditation Market/ Buyers Badge Festival Accreditation + Market/Buyers Badge
Tickets for festival screenings
Tickets for public talks of Berlinale Talents
Access to EFM Market Screenings (Feb 9-16)*
Access to EFM stands within Gropius Bau & Marriott (subject to capacity; buyers and exhibitors have priority)
Feb 10 all day |
Feb 11-14 from 5 pm |
Feb 15-17 all day
EFM Industry Sessions” incl. Networking Area + Meeting Space for Producers**
"Berlinale Series Market" incl. Showcases & Talks

The Berlinale advises accredited persons that due to the pandemic situation, access to festival and EFM events may be restricted or entirely removed.

Access Online

EFM Online Market Screenings (Feb 10-17)*
EFM Online Services
  • Participants Guide
  • Screening Schedule
  • Event Schedule
Selected Events of the "EFM Industry Sessions"
Selected Showcases & Talks of the "Berlinale Series Market"
Selected Talks and Sessions of the Berlinale Co-Production Market 
Selected Talks and Sessions of Berlinale Talents 
Publication in the Berlinale Attendee List

* At the discretion of the rights holder, access to market screenings (online & on-site) may be limited to selected groups of EFM participants. All market participants set their time zone online. The Online Screening schedule is based on the local time of the viewer. If no specific time zone is set, the default time zone is Central European Time (CET). A selection of films will be shown as VoD on the website after the EFM has ended. Titles and availabilities will be confirmed in due time.

** Selected Industry Sessions will be limited in capacity and / or by pre-registration or invitation.