Applications for accreditation to the 2025 Berlinale can be made online from the beginning of November 2024.

The information on this page serves as a general orientation on the accreditation process.
Updated information on the Berlinale 2025 will be published from autumn 2024.

The Berlinale aims at reducing barriers and at developing inclusive offers. These services are available both online and in person. The aim is to enabling all people to participate in the Festival as well as in the EFM.

Information about accessibility at the EFM is available on the EFM website. Information about accessibility at the festival will be published on the Berlinale website in February.

Accredited people requiring accompanying persons

Accredited professionals/students with a disability who are in need of an accompanying person may request a free accreditation for this person via . Press representatives may contact . The applications will be assessed on an individual basis and, if approved, the accompanying person will receive a free-of-charge accreditation.

Accessibility Badge Pick Up in the Berlinale Service Center

You can find more information under Badge Pick Up.

Tickets for Festival films for accredited persons with disabilities

Accredited professionals with a disability as well as people requiring accompanying persons should mail to and request the option to order their tickets via the inclusion service Accredited press representatives should contact .

From February 12, 2024, a form will be available at with which accredited persons can order one ticket per screening. The form must be completed and sent to . You can also order one ticket per screening by phoning +49 30 259 20 950 (daily from 9 am to 6 pm).

Accredited persons who make use of this procedure for booking their tickets should not order additional tickets via the online ticketing system for accredited persons.

Tickets for accompanying persons

Depending on availability, accompanying persons will be granted one ticket free of charge.

Ticket collection

The booked tickets will be dispatched via email as print-at-home or mobile tickets.

If necessary, tickets can also be picked up at the Inclusion Ticket Counter, which is located at Eichhornstrasse 3 (corner of Schellingstrasse). An appointment must be made for collection.

Wheelchair spaces

Wheelchair spaces may only be booked via the process described above.

Early Boarding

An early-boarding option to EFM and festival events is available for people with both visible and non-visible disabilities. For the convenience and support of all people with disabilities, entry to the venue is granted before the rest of the audience is admitted. The venues offering this early admission will be listed here shortly before the festival begins.

For facilitating a smooth early boarding process, the badges of accredited persons who need assistance for their entrance will be marked accordingly. These badge labels may be requested at the Accessibility Badge Pick-Up (located in the Berlinale Service Center) and at the Info Counter in the CinemaxX. The marked badge facilitates approaching the members of the admission staff on-site to take advantage of being granted the early boarding option.


A trained awareness team (available at ) will be at work during the festival. Visitors may contact them to report violations of the Berlinale Code of Conduct and the anti-discrimination policy.