“When you do things with your hands, it heals you in places lower than where you cry from,” she says and makes a costume out of crisp bags for her late son. Because he loved crisps. T is a film and a ball and a ceremony for the ones that have been lost and those who have lost someone. It is a manifestation of grief, anger and the spiritual power of creativity.
by Keisha Rae Witherspoon
with Koko Zauditu-Selassie, Kherby Jean, Jesus C. Mitchell, Rashad R. Williams, Raymond Gratereaux
USA 2019 English 14’ Colour Documentary form


  • Koko Zauditu-Selassie (Dimples)
  • Kherby Jean (Tahir)
  • Jesus C. Mitchell (Ash)
  • Rashad R. Williams (Unc)
  • Raymond Gratereaux (Jazz)


Written and Directed by Keisha Rae Witherspoon
Cinematography Terence Price II
Editing Jon David Kane, Stefani Saintonge
Sound Design Joel C. Hernandez
Music thinkthatswilson
Art Director Zusel Escriba
Producers Monica Sorelle, Faren Humes, Jason Fitzroy Jeffers
Co-Producer Robert Colom

Produced by

Third Horizon

Keisha Rae Witherspoon

Born in Miami, USA in 1980, the Jamaican-American filmmaker has a BA in creative writing with a minor in African American studies. Her work, which is driven by interests in science, speculative fiction and fantasy, documents the unseen and unheralded nuances of diasporic peoples. She is creative director of Third Horizon, a Caribbean creative collective based in Miami which holds the annual Third Horizon Film Festival.


2019 T

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