It Wasn’t the Right Mountain, Mohammad

“Abraham and Isaac are on their way to Mount Moriah, towards the sacrifice.
A boat filled with rams is sailing on a dark and deep sea,
full of bottles with letters that no one has ever opened.
But I opened one of these bottles and read the letter.
It was written by a Mohammad, son of Sabah,
who simply thanked God without asking him for anything in return.
This is where my story begins, a story of a troubled shepherdess,
who suddenly finds something she was looking for.
And loses it.
That’s the way it is.”
by Mili Pecherer
with Mili Pecherer, God, Abraham & Isaac, Antelopes
France 2019 Hebrew 29’ Colour


  • Mili Pecherer (Herself)
  • God (Himself)
  • Abraham & Isaac (Themselves)
  • Antelopes (The Ram)


Written and Directed by Mili Pecherer
Screenplay The Bible
3D Animation Mili Pecherer, Alexis Hallaert
Editing Jean Hubert, Mili Pecherer
Sound Arno Ledoux
Music Eliav Varda
Production Manager Bertrand Scalabre

World sales

Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains

Produced by

Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains

Mili Pecherer

Born in Israel in 1988, she one day left her homeland and has been on the road with her camera, recording her encounters with people and animals ever since. Her travels have so far taken her to Finland, Russia, Spain and France. She has been supported by a number of institutions including the Bezalel Academy, VGIK, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, BilbaoArte and Le Fresnoy. She currently lives in Marseilles.


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