Berlinale: Programme

Programme 2005


Anklaget | Accused
by Jacob Thuesen, Denmark
by David MacKenzie, USA / Ireland
Child In Time
by Maja Weiss, Slovenia
De battre mon coeur s'est arrêté | The Beat That My Heart Skipped | Der Schlag, der mein Herz verspielte
by Jacques Audiard, France
Don Kishot be'Yerushalaim | Don Quixote In Jerusalem
by Dani Rosenberg, Israel
by Lájos Koltai, Hungary / Germany / United Kingdom
Gespenster | Ghosts
by Christian Petzold, Germany / France
by Bastian Schweitzer, Germany / Switzerland
In Good Company | Reine Chefsache
by Paul Weitz, USA
Jam Session
by Izabela Plucinska, Germany / Poland
Kakushi Ken - Oni no Tsume | The Hidden Blade
by Yoji Yamada, Japan
Killing The Afternoon
by Margaret Corkery, Ireland
Kong que | Peacock
by Gu Changwei, People's Republic of China
Le promeneur du Champ de Mars | The Last Mitterrand | Der späte Mitterrand
by Robert Guédiguian, France
Les mots bleus | Words In Blue | Worte in Blau
by Alain Corneau, France
Les temps qui changent | Changing Times
by André Téchiné, France
Man To Man
by Régis Wargnier, France / United Kingdom / South Africa
by Peter Mackie Burns, United Kingdom
One Day In Europe
by Hannes Stöhr, Germany / Spain
Paradise Now
by Hany Abu-Assad, Netherlands / France / Germany
Provincia meccanica | Smalltown, Italy
by Stefano Mordini, Italy
Solnze | The Sun | Die Sonne
by Alexander Sokurov, Russian Federation / Italy / France
Sometimes In April | Jedes Jahr im April
by Raoul Peck, USA / United Kingdom
Sophie Scholl - Die letzten Tage | Sophie Scholl - The Final Days
by Marc Rothemund, Germany
Spravka | The Information
by Kira Muratova, Russian Federation
The Intervention
by Jay Duplass, USA
The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou | Die Tiefseetaucher
by Wes Anderson, USA
by Mike Mills, USA
Tian bian yi duo yun | The Wayward Cloud
by Tsai Ming Liang, Taiwan / France
U-Carmen eKhayelitsha
by Mark Dornford-May, South Africa

Competition (out of competition)

Hitch | Hitch - Der Date Doktor
by Andy Tennant, USA
Hotel Rwanda
by Terry George, United Kingdom / USA / Italy
by Bill Condon, USA / Germany
by Ermanno Olmi, Abbas Kiarostami, Ken Loach, Italy / United Kingdom

Berlinale Special

19 Porträts
by Thomas Arslan, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
by Kansai Yamamoto, Japan
by Tom Tykwer, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Chunhyang Dyeon
by Im Kwon-Taek, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Conejo en la luna | Rabbit On The Moon | Das Kaninchen im Mond
by Jorge Ramírez-Suárez, Mexico / United Kingdom
Der Kanzler im Park
by Chris Kraus, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Die Worte des Vorsitzenden
by Harun Farocki, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Eine Rolle Duschen
by Detlev Buck, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
by Wilma Pradetto, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Farbtest - Rote Fahne
by Gerd Conradt, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Il deserto rosso | The Red Desert
by Michelangelo Antonioni, Italy
Man gewöhnt sich an alles
by Thomas Giefer, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Mutterseelenallein | All Alone
by Bernd Böhlich, Germany
Nijushi no Hitomi | Twenty-Four Eyes
by Keisuke Kinoshita, Japan
Nochnoj dozor | Night Watch
by Timur Bekmambetov, Russian Federation
Para que no me olvides | Something To Remember Me By
by Patricia Ferreira, Spain
Så som i Himmelen | As It Is In Heaven
by Kay Pollak, Sweden
Schatten der Zeit | Shadows Of Time
by Florian Gallenberger, Germany
Schwarzbunt Märchen
by Buck/Heeremann, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
by Helke Sander, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
by Christian Petzold, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
The Day After Tomorrow
by Roland Emmerich, USA
Wer ist Helene Schwarz? | Who Is Helene Schwarz?
by Rosa von Praunheim, Germany
Y aura-t-il de la neige à Noël? | Will It Snow For Christmas
by Sandrine Veysset, France


2 oder 3 Dinge, die ich von ihm weiß | 2 Or 3 Things I Know About Him
by Malte Ludin, Germany
Adam & Paul
by Lenny Abrahamson, Ireland
Amor Idiota | Idiot Love
by Ventura Pons, Spain / Andorra
Based On A True Story
by Walter Stokman, Netherlands
Be'einaim atsumot | Whatever It Takes
by Adi Halfin, Israel
Beyond The Sea
by Kevin Spacey, Germany / United Kingdom
by Lasse Persson, Sweden
Bulutlari Beklerken | Waiting for the Clouds
by Yesim Ustaoglu, France / Germany / Turkey
by Don McKellar, Canada
Chun Hua Kai | Plastic Flowers
by Liu Bingjian, People's Republic of China / Canada
by Alexander Meier, Switzerland
Crustacés et coquillages | Mariscos Beach
by Olivier Ducastel, Jacques Martineau, France
Cycles Of Porn - Sex/Life in L.A. - Part 2
by Jochen Hick, Germany
Dallas Pashamende | Dallas Among Us | Dallas unter uns
by Robert Adrian Pejo, Hungary / Germany / Austria
Das Goebbels Experiment | The Goebbels Experiment
by Lutz Hachmeister, Germany
Den Tigerfrauen wachsen Flügel | Tigerwomen Grow Wings
by Monika Treut, Germany / Taiwan
Der Mann mit der Pauke: Wolfgang Neuss | The Kettledrum Man: Wolfgang Neuss
by Rüdiger Daniel, Germany
Desert Motel
by Liza Johnson, USA
by Fruit Chan, Hong Kong, China
Eläville ja kuolleille | For The Living And The Dead
by Kari Paljakka, Finland
Everything In This Country Must
by Gary McKendry, USA
Forty Shades Of Blue
by Ira Sachs, USA
Fucking Different!
by Brüning, Brynntrup, Petersen, Dubiel, Bröckerhoff, Frömming, Hill, Gresser, Oehl, Ludwig, Dreier, hollyandgolly, Polzer, Percillier, Stock, Zabel, Weiland, Kull, Germany
Gender X
by Julia Ostertag, Germany
George Michael - A Different Story
by Southan Morris, United Kingdom
Goodnight Irene
by Sterlin Harjo, USA
Green Bush
by Warwick Thornton, Australia
Hoi Maya | Hi Maya
by Claudia Lorenz, Switzerland
Horst Buchholz...Mein Papa | Horst Buchholz...My Papa
by Christopher Buchholz, Sandra Hacker, Germany
Inside Deep Throat
by Randy Barbato, Fenton Bailey, USA
Katzenball | Feline Masquerade
by Veronika Minder, Switzerland
Kvish | Road
by Nadav Lapid, Israel
Lahna Lalhih | A Place In The Sun
by Rachid Boutounes, Morocco / France
La vita che vorrei | The Life I Want
by Giuseppe Piccioni, Italy / Malta
Les mauvais joueurs | Gamblers
by Frédéric Balekdjian, France
Lost Children | Verlorene Kinder
by Ali Samadi Ahadi, Oliver Stoltz, Germany
Lotta Libera | Wrestling Match
by Stefano Viali, Italy
Love + Hate
by Dominic Savage, United Kingdom
by Im Kwon-Taek, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Männer Helden und schwule Nazis | Heroes And Gay Nazis
by Rosa von Praunheim, Germany
by Anna Melikian, Russian Federation
Massaker | Massacre
by Monika Borgmann, Lokman Slim, Hermann Theissen, Germany / Lebanon / Switzerland
Mixed Signals
by Richard Martin, Canada
Nok-Saek-eui-ja | Green Chair
by Park Chul-soo, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Omiros | Hostage
by Constantinos Giannaris, Greece / Turkey
Ono | Stranger
by Malgosia Szumowska, Germany / Poland
Photoljubitjel | Photoamature | Photoamateur
by Irina Gedrovich, Russian Federation
Protocols Of Zion
by Marc Levin, USA
Redentor | Redeemer
by Claudio Torres, Brazil
Riyuu | The Motive
by Nobuhiko Obayashi, Japan
Sad rooz | One Hundred Days
by Azadeh Reisdana, Canada / Iran
Sara Jeanne
by Kim Seong-sook, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
by Ernest Abdyshaparov, Germany / Kyrgyzstan
by Wolfgang Murnberger, Austria
Sissy Boy Slap Party
by Guy Maddin, Canada
Sombra dolorosa
by Guy Maddin, Canada
Still Life
by Cynthia Madansky, USA
Subway Score
by Alexander Isert, Germany
Tama tu
by Taika Waititi, New Zealand
Tao Se | Colour Blossoms
by Yonfan, Hong Kong, China
That Man: Peter Berlin
by Jim Tushinski, USA
The Ballad Of Jack And Rose
by Rebecca Miller, USA
The Devil And Daniel Johnston
by Jeff Feuerzeig, USA
The Dying Gaul
by Craig Lucas, USA
The Love Crimes Of Gillian Guess | Die Liebesverbrechen des Gillian Guess
by Bruce McDonald, Canada
by Duncan Tucker, USA
by Craig Boreham, Australia
by Bouli Lanners, Belgium / France
Umsonst gelebt - Walter Schwarze | A Life In Vain - Walter Schwarze
by Rosa von Praunheim, Germany
Un año sin amor | A Year Without Love
by Anahí Berneri, Argentina
Va, vis et deviens | Live And Become
by Radu Mihaileanu, France / Israel
Weisse Raben - Alptraum Tschetschenien | White Ravens - Nightmare in Chechnya
by Tamara Trampe, Johann Feindt, Germany
Who Do You Love?
by Jim McRoberts, United Kingdom
Who's The Top?
by Jennie Livingston, USA
by Andreas Dresen, Germany
Wir waren niemals hier | We Never Were Here
by Antonia Ganz, Germany
by Sally Potter, United Kingdom
Zgvis Donidan... | Eye Level... | Auf Augenhöhe...
by George Ovashvili, Georgia

Panorama (Special Screenings)

Keine Lieder über Liebe | No Songs Of Love
by Lars Kraume, Malta


13 Lakes
by James Benning, USA
by Shonali Bose, India
Arlit, deuxième Paris | Arlit, the Second Paris | Arlit, ein zweites Paris
by Idrissou Mora-Kpai, Benin / France
by Raphael Jacoulot, France
by Mika Kaurismäki, Brazil / Finland / Switzerland
Coca - The Dove From Chechnya | Coca - Die Taube aus Tschetschenien
by Eric Bergkraut, Switzerland
Como pasan las horas | The Hours Go By | Wie die Stunden vergehen
by Inés de Oliveira Cézar, Argentina
Crash Test Dummies
by Jörg Kalt, Austria / Germany
D'Annunzios Höhle | D'Annunzio's Cave
by Heinz Emigholz, Germany
Der irrationale Rest | The Irrational Remains
by Thorsten Trimpop, Germany
Die Vogelpredigt oder Das Schreien der Mönche | St. Francis Birds Tour
by Clemens Klopfenstein, Switzerland / Italy
Durchfahrtsland | Remote Area
by Alexandra Sell, Germany
El Inmortal | The Immortal
by Mercedes Moncada Rodríguez, Nicaragua / Mexico / Spain
Final Cut: The Making and Unmaking of Heaven's Gate
by Michael Epstein, USA
by Im Kwon-Taek, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Grietjie van Garies | Grietjie from Garies
by Odette Geldenhuys, South Africa
Heaven's Gate
by Michael Cimino, USA
by Vivian Ostrovsky, USA / France
Jiang Hu
by Wong Ching Po, Hong Kong
Jokbo | The Genealogy
by Im Kwon-Taek, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Kekexili | Kekexili: Mountain Patrol
by Lu Chuan, People's Republic of China / Hong Kong, China
Koi ya koi nasuna koi | The Mad Fox
by Uchida Tomu, Japan
Krisana | Fallen | Glut
by Fred Kelemen, Germany / Latvia
Les yeux clairs | Pale Eyes | Grüne Augen
by Jerome Bonnell, France
Lost and Found
by Nadejda Koseva, Cristian Mungiu, Jasmila Zbanich, Kornél Mundruczó, Stefan Arsenijevic, Mait Laas, Bulgaria / Romania / Bosnia and Herzegovina / Hungary / Serbia and Montenegro / Estonia
Lü Cao Di | Mongolian Ping Pong
by Ning Hao, People's Republic of China
Mahiru no hoshizora | Starlit High Noon
by Nakagawa Yosuke, Japan
Maximilian's Darkroom
by Anne Quirynen, Germany
Mein Bruder. We'll Meet Again
by Thomas Heise, Germany
Melegin düsüsü | Angel's Fall
by Semih Kaplanoglu, Turkey / Greece
Miscellanea (III)
by Heinz Emigholz, Germany
Niu pi | Oxhide
by Liu Jiayin, People's Republic of China
Odessa Odessa ...
by Michale Boganim, Israel / France
On the Outs
by Lori Silverbush, Michael Skolnik, USA
Oprosti Za Kung Fu | Sorry For Kung Fu
by Ognjen Svilicic, Croatia
Pakostnik | The Rascal
by Tania Detkina, Russian Federation
Pier Paolo Pasolini e la ragione di un sogno
by Laura Betti, Italy
Profils paysans: Le quotidien
by Raymond Depardon, France
Putevoditel | Guidebook
by Aleksandr Shapiro, Ukraine
Quoi de neuf au Garet?
by Raymond Depardon, France
Ratziti lihiyot gibor | On the Objection Front
by Shiri Tsur, Israel
Sekai no owari | World's End/Girl Friend
by Kazama Shiori, Japan
Shin Sung-il-eui Hangbang-bulmyung | Shin Sung-il Is Lost
by Shin Jane, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Skagafjördur | Skagaf Jordur
by Peter Hutton, Iceland
Stadt als Beute | Berlin Stories
by Irene von Alberti, Miriam Dehne, Esther Gronenborn, Germany
Ten Skies
by James Benning, USA
Terra em Transe | Earth Entranced | Land in Trance
by Glauber Rocha, Brazil
The Basis of Make-Up (III)
by Heinz Emigholz, Germany
Top Spot
by Tracey Emin, United Kingdom
by Yash Chopra, India
verschwende deine jugend.doc | wasting one's youth.doc
by Jürgen Teipel, Sigrid Harder, Germany
Vers Mathilde | Towards Mathilde
by Claire Denis, France
Violent Days
by Lucile Chaufour, France
by Frederick Wiseman, USA
What I'm Looking For
by Shelly Silver, USA
Yamanaka Tokiwa | Into The Picture Scroll - The Tale Of Yamanaka Tokiwa
by Sumiko Haneda, Japan
Yan Mo | Before the Flood
by Li Yi-fan, Yan Yu, People's Republic of China
Yeoja, Jeong-hae | This Charming Girl
by Lee Yoon-ki, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Zero Degrees of Separation
by Elle Flanders, Canada

Kinderfilmfest / 14plus

Bazi | The Play | Das Spiel
by Gholamreza Ramezani, Iran
by Mijke de Jong, Netherlands
Cirkeline og verdens mindste superhelt | Little Big Mouse | Cirkeline und die Supermaus
by Jannik Hastrup, Denmark
Die kleine Monsterin | The Little Monsterette
by Ted Sieger, Alexandra Schatz, Germany / Switzerland
Does God Play Football? | Spielt Gott Fußball?
by Michael Walker, United Kingdom
Falla Vackert | Falling Beauty
by Lena Hanno Clyne, Sweden / Norway
Fjorton Suger | Fourteen Sucks
by Filippa Freijd, Martin Jern, Henrik Norrthon, Emil Larsson, Sweden
Hana & Alice
by Shunji Iwai, Japan
by Gholamreza Ramezani, Iran
How To Make Friends | Wie man Freunde findet
by Kara Miller, United Kingdom
Ikke Naken | The Color of Milk | Die Farbe der Milch
by Torun Lian, Norway / Sweden
Italianetz | An Italian | Der Italiener
by Andrei Kravchuk, Russian Federation
Kerosene Creek
by Michael Bennett, New Zealand
Lakposhtha hâm parvaz mikonand | Turtles Can Fly | Auch Schildkröten können fliegen
by Bahman Ghobadi, Iran / Iraq
Lard | Schmalz
by Ornette Spenceley, United Kingdom
Le Chateau des Autres | The Other Kids' Castle | Ein Schloss für die anderen
by Pierre Luc Granjon, France
Lilla grisen flyger | Little Pig is Flying | Schweinchen fliegt
by Alicja Jaworski, Sweden / Denmark
Min far er bokser | My Dad is a Champ | Mein Vater der Boxer
by Morten Giese, Denmark / Sweden
My Summer of Love
by Pawel Pawlikowski, United Kingdom
No Man's Land | Niemandsland
by Clara Glynn, United Kingdom
Odins Øje | Odin's Eye | Odins Auge
by Maria Mac Dalland, Denmark
Pelikaanimies | Pelicanman | Pelikanmann
by Liisa Helminen, Finland / Sweden
by Theo Papadoulakis, Greece
Populärmusik från Vittula | Popular Music | Populärmusik aus Vittula
by Reza Bagher, Sweden / Finland
Pro Myschonka | About a Little Mouse | Schlaf gut, kleine Maus
by Maria Mouat, Russian Federation
Rain is Falling
by Holger Ernst, Germany
Redzi, Trusi... tetis brauc uz Londonu | Listen, Rabbit... Daddy goes to London | Hör mal Häschen... Papa fliegt nach London
by Nils Skapans, Latvia
by Francesco Munzi, Italy
Sen-Nen-Bi | The Thousand Year Fire | Das tausendjährige Feuer
by Naoki Segi, Japan
Sipur Kaits | Summer Story | Die Brieffreundin
by Shmuel Peleg Haimovitch, Israel
Skeleton Woman | Die Knochenfrau
by Edith Pieperhoff, United Kingdom / Ireland
Skyggen i Sara | The Shadow in Sara | Der Schatten in Sara
by Karla Nielsen, Denmark
The Djarn Djarns | Die Djarn Djarns
by Wayne Blair, Australia
The Little Things | Die kleinen Dinge
by Reina Webster, New Zealand
The Mighty Celt
by Pearse Elliott, Ireland / United Kingdom
by Erik van Schaaik, Netherlands
Voces inocentes | Innocent Voices
by Luis Mandoki, Mexico
Wackelkontakt | Loose Contact
by Ralph Etter, Switzerland / Germany
Zhe Ge Jia Qi Te Bie Chang | This Unusual Vacation | Unsere merkwürdigen Ferien
by Li Hong, People's Republic of China

Perspektive Deutsches Kino

Am Tag als Bobby Ewing starb
by Lars Jessen, Germany
by Maximilian Erlenwein, Germany
Dancing With Myself
by Judith Keil, Antje Kruska, Germany
Das Lächeln der Tiefseefische | Smile Of The Monster Fish
by Till Endemann, Germany
Edelweisspiraten | Edelweiss Pirats
by Niko von Glasow, Germany
Happy End
by Sebastian Strasser, Germany
Janine F.
by Teresa Renn, Germany
Katze im Sack | Let The Cat Out Of The Bag
by Florian Schwarz, Germany
Netto | Net
by Robert Thalheim, Germany
Was lebst du? | Whatz Up?
by Bettina Braun, Germany
Weltverbesserungsmassnahmen | Measures To Better The World
by Jörn Hintzer, Jakob Hüfner, Germany


2001: A Space Odyssey
by Stanley Kubrick, United Kingdom / USA
A Clockwork Orange
by Stanley Kubrick, United Kingdom / USA
Aiqing wansui | Vive l'amour - Es lebe die Liebe
by Tsai Ming-liang, Taiwan
by Ridley Scott, United Kingdom
Alphaville. Une étrange aventure de Lemmy Caution
by Jean-Luc Godard, France / Italy
Barry Lyndon
by Stanley Kubrick, United Kingdom / USA
by Terry Gilliam, United Kingdom
Bronenosec Potemkin | Battleship Potemkin. Reconstruction of the Russian Premiere Version. Live accompaniment with the Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg conducted by Helmut Imig | Panzerkreuzer Potemkin. Rekonstruktion der russischen Premierenfassung. Es spielt das Deutsche Filmorchester Babelsberg. Dirigat: Helmut Imig
by Sergej Eisenstein, UDSSR
by Bob Fosse, USA
Day Of The Fight
by Stanley Kubrick, USA
Der amerikanische Freund
by Wim Wenders, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949) / France
Die Sehnsucht der Veronika Voss
by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
by Stanley Kubrick, United Kingdom / USA
E la nave va | Fellinis Schiff der Träume
by Federico Fellini, Italy / France
Eyes Wide Shut
by Stanley Kubrick, United Kingdom / USA
Flying Padre
by Stanley Kubrick, USA
Full Metal Jacket
by Stanley Kubrick, United Kingdom / USA
by Andrew Niccol, USA
Gone with the Wind
by Victor Fleming, USA
Jalsaghar | Das Musikzimmer
by Satyajit Ray, India
Killer's Kiss
by Stanley Kubrick, USA
L'éclisse | Liebe 1962
by Michelangelo Antonioni, Italy / France
by Stanley Kubrick, United Kingdom / USA
Manhattan Murder Mystery
by Woody Allen, USA
by Pier Paolo Pasolini, Italy / France / Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Mon oncle | French Version | Französische Fassung
by Jacques Tati, France / Italy
Mon oncle | English Version. With the Theatre Companie Deschamps & Makeieff (on February 20, only) | Englische Fassung. Rahmenprogramm mit der Theater Compagnie Deschamps & Makeieff (nur am 20.2.)
by Jacques Tati, France / Italy
Mughal-E-Azam | Der große Mogul
by Karim Asif, India
Muriel ou Le temps d'un retour | Muriel oder Die Zeit der Wiederkehr
by Alain Resnais, France / Italy
Offret | Opfer
by Andrej Tarkowskij, Sweden / France
Paths of Glory
by Stanley Kubrick, USA
by Jacques Tati, France / Italy
Schlagende Wetter | Music: Bolschewistische Kurkapelle. Restored Version, Filmmuseum Berlin - Deutsche Kinemathek | Musik: Bolschewistische Kurkapelle. Neu restaurierte Fassung
by Karl Grune, Germany (through 1945)
Seopyeonje | Sopyonje
by Im Kwon-Taek, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
by Mike Nichols, USA
Solo Sunny
by Konrad Wolf, Wolfgang Kohlhaase, Germany (GDR 1949 to 1990)
by Stanley Kubrick, USA
Spione | Music: Aljoscha Zimmermann Ensemble. Restored Version, Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung | Begleitet vom Aljoscha Zimmermann Ensemble. Neu restaurierte Fassung
by Fritz Lang, Germany (through 1945)
Strategia del ragno | Die Strategie der Spinne
by Bernardo Bertolucci, Italy
The Apartment
by Billy Wilder, USA
The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover
by Peter Greenaway, United Kingdom / France / Netherlands
The Ice Storm
by Ang Lee, USA
The Killing
by Stanley Kubrick, USA
The Lady from Shanghai
by Orson Welles, USA
The Red Shoes
by Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, United Kingdom
The Seafarers
by Stanley Kubrick, USA
The Shining
by Stanley Kubrick, United Kingdom / USA
Tüzoltó Utca 25 | Feuerwehrgasse 25 (deutsch eingesprochen)
by István Szabó, Hungary
Tystnaden | Das Schweigen
by Ingmar Bergman, Sweden
Vaghe stelle dell'Orsa... | Sandra
by Luchino Visconti, Italy
by Alfred Hitchcock, USA
Wangshibri | A Bygone Romance | Geschichte einer vergangenen Liebe
by Im Kwon-Taek, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Wesna | Frühling
by Grigori Alexandrow, UDSSR
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
by Mike Nichols, USA
Yukinojo Henge | Yukinojos Rache
by Kon Ichikawa, Japan

Berlinale Talent Campus

Eruv - The Wire | Eruv - Der Draht
by Kai Wiesinger, Germany
Land Of Plenty
by Wim Wenders, USA / Germany
Socorro Nobre | Life Somewhere Else
by Walter Salles, Brazil
by Tadanobu Asano, Japan

Selling Democracy

10 cm breiter
by Heinz Fischer, Germany (GDR 1949 to 1990)
Adventure In Sardinia
by Peter Baylis, United Kingdom
A Foreign Affair
by Billy Wilder, USA
Alles Gute gelingt auch (AGGA)
by Hans Fischerkoesen, Germany (Soviet-occupied zone 1945 to 1948)
A Ship Is Born
by Ubaldo Magnaghi, Italy
Berlin Express
by Jacques Tourneur, USA
Brigade Anton Trinks
by Günter Mühlpforte, Germany (GDR 1949 to 1990)
Corinth Canal
by John Ferno, Greece
Der leere Stuhl | Man and the State
by Johannes Lüdke, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Der unsichtbare Stacheldraht | German-American Understanding
by Eva Kroll, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Der Wintermantel
by Richard Groschopp, Germany (GDR 1949 to 1990)
Die Wette gilt
by Heiner Carow, Germany (GDR 1949 to 1990)
Eine Stadt hilft sich selbst
by Willy Zeunert, Germany (Soviet-occupied zone 1945 to 1948)
Ein Experiment
by Rudolf Krohne, Germany (Western zones 1945 to 1949)
Ein Vorschlag zur Güte | The Civil Servant
by Wolfgang Kiepenheuer, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Frauen stehen ihren Mann | Women's Activities
by Walter Brandes, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Freie Universität
by Wolfgang Kiepenheuer, Germany (Western zones 1945 to 1949)
Frischer Wind in alten Gassen | German Youth Administer a Community
by Fritz Peter, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Jungen unter sich
by Ernst Hess, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Kampf um Wasser
by Richard Groschopp, Germany (GDR 1949 to 1990)
Kleine Stadt - Großes Leben (Helmstedt) | Helmstedt, Small Town, Great Events
by Walter Pindter, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
L'Or Du Rhone
by Francois Villiers, France
Mädchen mit dem Schraubenzieher
by Richard Groschopp, Germany (Soviet-occupied zone 1945 to 1948)
by Pierre Long, United Kingdom
Men And Machines
by Diana Pine, United Kingdom
Shoot The Nets
by Herman van der Horst, Netherlands
Silkmakers Of Como
by Ubaldo Magnaghi, Italy
The Big Lift
by George Seaton, USA
The Extraordinary Adventure of a Quart of Milk
by Alain Pol, France
The Jungle That Was
by Roger Verdier, France
The Living Stream
by Arne Sucksdorff, Sweden / Denmark / Norway
Turbine I
by Joop Huisken, Germany (GDR 1949 to 1990)
Und was meinen Sie dazu? | Discussion Techniques I | Diskussionstechnik - Und was meinen Sie dazu?
by Eva Kroll, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Village Without Words
by David Kurland, Italy
Werftarbeiter | Labor and Management
by Wolf Hart, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Wir und die Anderen | We And The Others
by Ernst Niederreither, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
Zwei Städte | Two Cities
by Stuart Schulberg, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)