Taylor Brandon Burns is one of the world’s best-known child actors. Thanks to his role in a popular television series called “Family Feuds”, this young actor with angelic features has already acquired all the things that most people only dream of possessing: fame, fans and a steadily growing fortune. And yet, Taylor’s real life couldn’t be further from the one portrayed in the sitcom, where a solution is found for every conceivable problem within the space of just 25 minutes. In reality, his own parents are in the throes of getting a divorce and, to make matters worse, the almost 13-year-old Taylor is fast-approaching puberty. However, for the moment, he has been signed up to play the role of the President’s son in a television series to be shot in Canada.
38-year-old experimental filmmaker and occasional chauffeur Rick Schiller has been given the job of driving the spoilt star during his sojourn in Toronto. Rick doesn’t appear half as impressed by Taylor’s fame as he is by Taylor’s mother, Suzanne, with whom he would just love to get into bed. The fact that Rick makes no attempt whatsoever to hide his designs on Suzanne is something that impresses Taylor no end. On set, Taylor has to cope not only with embattled producer Philip Templeman and the film’s bright but unbearable young director, Sydney Mehta, but also with 27-year-old Chip Metzger. A onetime child star himself, Chip is in desperate need of a fillip for his own flagging career. He persuades his young underage colleague to join him on a tour of Toronto’s hotspots, during the course of which our precocious rascal goes missing. Of all people, Rick is given the task of locating his prepubescent charge – currently to be found enjoying every minute of his encounters with prostitutes and his dream girl. It’s high time this would-be Jack Nicholson got back to the set – because it’s not just his career that’s at stake here…
by Don McKellar
with Don McKellar, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Mark Rendall, Dave Foley, Kristin Adams, Brendan Fehr, Eric Stoltz, Alan Thicke
Canada 2004 96’

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