Adam & Paul

Adam and Paul have been inseparable friends ever since they were young. Now that they have grown up, their friendship has the additional bond of their addiction to heroin – for Adam and Paul are both junkies.
At one time, there were three of them. But then Matthew kicked the bucket. He died a month ago. There was even a memorial service. Unfortunately, Adam and Paul weren’t aware of any church service. They were far too busy getting hold of their gear.
And that’s exactly what they’re up to on this particular day. Adam and Paul. Two drug addicts on an odyssey through Dublin. All day long they loiter about the streets in search of somebody or other from whom they can cadge some cash; or perhaps a friendly drug-dealer who’ll give them a hit for some job or other. The only difference to all the other days is that, today, their luck has finally run out. Today, clearly, they no longer possess any credit – or any friends.
Making the best use of the comic potential of his antithetical protagonists, Lenny Abrahamson’s film is a minimalist fairy-tale about two confused and vulnerable kids, for whom life has long since become far too much for them to handle.
by Lenny Abrahamson
with Mark O'Halloran, Tom Murphy, Louise Lewis
Ireland 2004 85’

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