City of Poets

Photos from a family album reveal a city that perhaps used to exist. It was built for refinery workers and university employees; its streets were named after poets. When war broke out, new neighbourhoods emerged to accommodate refugees. The streets were renamed and now bear the names of fallen soldiers. The mother’s house was on one of these streets. She was the one who planted the mulberry tree in the garden.
by Sara Rajaei Netherlands 2024 English, Farsi 21’ World premiere | Documentary form


Director Sara Rajaei
Screenplay Sara Rajaei
Editing Nathalie Alonso Casale
Sound Design Milan Gataric
Sound Rashid Daneshmand
Voice-Over Sara Rajaei
Producer Manon Bovenkerk

Sara Rajaei

The Iranian-Dutch visual artist and filmmaker studied visual arts at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam and now lives and works in the Netherlands. Her work explores the concept of time by reflecting on the absence of images, memory psychology, oral history, narrative techniques and physical-psychological space. Her films have screened at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, Rencontres Internationales, Art Brussels and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka, Croatia. She is currently developing her first feature-length film.

Filmography (short films, selection)

2004 A Day of Amnesia 2006 Charismatic Fates & Vanishing Dates 2009 Sharzad · Forever For a While 2010 Objects of Purely Sentimental Value · A Leap Year That Started on a Friday 2012 1978 the 231st Day 2015 There Was the Dream and There Was a Memory Connected With It 2013 The Motel in the Well; in collaboration with N. Lukic 2016 In the Gaze of Panoptes 2017 The Slightest Trace of Something · A Composition in Blue, Red & Other Colours 2022 Yet Another Leap Year 2024 City of Poets

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